IP Phone is the new calling

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When one technology goes out of the picture and another one comes, there is always a difference lurking between them. This difference is a big one with new features added, and faster pace of things done. When ATA device was introduced in the world of technology, it seemed as if a revolution came with this device. Letís talk a bit about this device.

ATA device is known as Analog Telephony Adapter. It is usually used to connect one or more analog telephones to digitalised telephone system like VoIP or a simple telephone system. Visually, it is a small box with a power adapter with some other technicalities. For the users, it can be plugged or used for one or more telephone devices and it will operate on the VoIP network.

When you first used to hear the ring on your phone while dialing the number on the keyboard, it surely must have been a rendezvous experience. That time, nothing seemed better than ATA Device. But after the arrival of VoIP phones, ATA devices seemed to be dumped into the bin. It proved to be of no use. No doubt, VoIP phones have many benefits and they are illustrated as under:

With the ATA Device, you do have access to VoIP technology but it ends the moment you get out of your home. Opposed to that; if you have an IP phone in your hand, VoIP technology turns out to be mobile. It travels with you. All your incoming and outgoing calls travel to the place you travel. You carry your own VoIP zone with you no matter if you are sitting in hotel, office, cafe, hospital etc.

Nobody likes to mess things. On the other hand, it is really difficult to clean up that mess. With the VoIP phones, there is no problem to enter into the VoIP access like account, password and VoIP server IP address. There are no worries about codec settings, echo etc since they are adjusted on their own.

Another advantage of using the IP Phone is the fact that they have the availability of four SIP provider account settings. You can use each of them according to your own convenience. You can also switch from one provider to another from time to time. You can choose one for the inbound calls and second one for outgoing calls. You can also choose one for domestic range and another for international.

There are various uses and you are the one to decide them.

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