Inuyasha and gang go to a lakeside village

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Inuyasha and gang visit a lakeside village, where a sea-demon is threatening individuals there. Then, Miroku is confronted by an existing flame from his past. Obviously , this is simply not very good news for Sango.


The episode begins with a lakeside temple where someone is frantically attempting to conciliate the god. Nearby Inuyasha feels a tremor from the identical lake, the location where the water isn't rolling violently. They soon realize this really is no regular earthquake if they sense a demonic presence emanating on the water.

After they get through to the shore, they soon run across the still worried man who has made the contribution on the god. Unexpectedly, the man is actually conscious of Miroku and strangely asks him if he's visit rejoin his family. He brings the confounded monk and all of his friends the place to find the place where a big event has been geared up. Kagome interrogates the still perplexed Miroku with what is going on, while Sango sits in silence attempting to act calm.

Just after they arrive, a new woman named Shima excitedly greets Miroku. This certainly does bit more then irritate the already suspicious Sango. It so happens this girl may be looking forward to Miroku to come back, as well as the situation manufactured much more awkward with Sango still nearby. It is revealed that Miroku has met Shima 2 yrs pior to the encounter. Shima was sick, but she recovered which has a mixture of medicinal herbs plus a promise from Miroku. The promise was he would return and father her children.

Obviously, Sango isn't very excited with all the news. Although she tries to conceal her true rage her friends can say that Sango is quite upset in what she's hearing. However, within the luxurious house, Miroku is trying to weasel his exit of the engagement, but things aren't looking great for him. It seems that Shima and her family are greatly getting excited about the nuptials. Unfortunately, there is certainly a demon named Nushi who desperately would like to wed the beautiful Shima and refuses to think that jane is already engaged to a new man. Nushi hopes to claim Shima as his bride, based on Shima's father, this because she will be pure and untainted. As a result if Shima marries another man Nushi would virtually no longer covet her leave.

Suddenly, the demon arrives to assert Shima as his wife. The demon slowly approaches and Inuyasha unsheathes his sword, in a position to attack the oncoming menace. As soon as the demon arrives it can be says Nushi is bit more then a pint-demon but not much of a threat. Inuyasha along with the others are most often within a daze, completely astounded with the demon's Inuyasha quickly regains his composure and tells the demon to go out of. Nushi is very unaffected also it looks like there is little stir him clear of his wedding.

When Miroku, Shima, and her parents run outside, Shima's father divulges eventually why they're just so anxious for Miroku to marry Shima. In return for Shima's recovery from her ailment, he promised her hand in marriage with the Lake Demon Nushi. Aghast with the news, Shima kneels at Nushi's feet trying for forgiveness, stating that she actually is significantly less "pure" while he believes; she's already committed herself to Miroku. Folks have mixed reactions. Sango is silently telling herself, this is through the past, despite the fact that she's clearly getting increasingly upset. Kagome is apparently completely doubting everything being said, and Inuyasha actually receives confirmation for his beliefs.

The disturbed Nushi then transforms into his true form, a gigantic fish. Nushi lashes out furiously across the courtyard and Miroku asks Sango to help him, but she merely tells him that he or she ought to do this without her. Inuyasha brings forth his sword once again, and the fearful demon quickly transforms to his earlier form. Nushi starts crying pathetically and Inuyasha cannot bring himself to slaughter the miserable creature. Elsewhere, Miroku desperately tries to clarify to Sango so what happened underneath the circumstances, but she's unwilling to pay attention. Poor Shima tries to aid soothe Sango's feelings also, but Sango merely stalks off.

The unfortunate Miroku is upset that Sango don't has faith in him, despite the fact that he's dedicated himself to her. However, away from nowhere Nushi grabs Shima and drags her back in the lake, and Miroku and his awesome friends chase after him. Because the demon is running, he transpires with sprint past Sango, that's sitting silently over the shore in the lake. Though jane is still angry, Sango won't allow Shima to become hurt by Nushi. Nushi transforms into his demon catfish appearance, plunges inside the water, followed quickly by Sango.

Despite the fact that Sango saves Shima, she is overcomeby the demon and today any difficulty . both women have been held captive. Seeing what they have performed to Sango, Miroku springs into action in order to save her. Miroku quickly opens his Wind Tunnel and dries the total lake, leaving the demon extremely defenseless. Overpowered by the furious Miroku, Nushi apologizes hysterically, attempting to save his or her own life. Within the disturbance, Sango's disposition gets calmer and she or he feels a lot better when Shima tells her that her "relationship" with Miroku must have been a lie. Shima didn't desire to marry the putrid demon so she lied about her hitting the ground with Miroku to drive Nushi away. Following a great deal of apologizing, the team resumes their pursuit of the sacred jewel shards, with Sango and Miroku on good terms again.

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