Introduction to Dental Implants

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We live in an age when people are well aware of their dental health.
Despite good maintenance some of us prone to dental problems and loose our teeth. This can be lead to social and self esteem issues.

In the past many of us has to rely on dentures to replace missing teeth. Now dental implant can be an answer. Studies have shown that dental implants can provide greater support and can last longer than bridge or dentures. Dental implants are made of titanium post which has a special ability to fuse with the bone. Body is compatible with titanium and rarely rejects it. These posts are placed in the bone and artificial teeth can be attached on top.
Dental implant allow implant surgeon to give patient an alternative to conventional dentures and bridges . Normally when a tooth is lost the gap is restored by using the adjacent teeth to support the artificial teeth. To prepare a bridge we need to cut the healthy tooth structure which is more detrimental in the longer run.

Dental implants can be used for various indications from missing single tooth to a complete set of teeth. The success rate for dental implant is 90-95% over a period of 10 years. Dental implants also help to improve chewing and speaking abilities. Also the dental implants helps the loss of jaw bones, a process associated with ageing.

Here at our Thorndike implant care we believe that dental implants can play a vital role in rebuilding patients confidence in their teeth, their self-esteem and smile. We believe that with careful and comprehensive planning dental implants can offer a solution for missing teeth.

How can you benefit from Dental Implants?

Any person who has one or more missing teeth can benefit from dental implants. Dental implants doesn’t require to prepare the adjacent health teeth and can be given to patient who are completely missing teeth.
Dental implant can also be used for people who suffer from loose denture or find it difficult to eat with their denture. In such cases dental implants can help to stabilise the loose denture and improve your overall experience. Denture stabilised by implant can offer much needed comfort and security and also help you to avoid embarrassing social situation.

Dental implants can improve confidence and appearance. They allow people who have missing teeth to be able to speak, smile, eat more comfortably. Implants can also be used to restore full smile with high pleasing results.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a small cylinder made of titanium which acts as a tooth root. Titanium is used in engineering and biomedical sciences for years and is known to be highly bio-compatible. Due to this high acceptance of dental implants it is used for several other treatments such as joint replacement and fracture stabilisation. More over titanium has a high strength and long term stability which make is viable for long term use.
Usually implant is placed in the jaw bone and left for 3-6 months to heal. After healing a crown, bridge or denture can be attached to dental implant.

How do they work?

The dental implant was first used in 1969 in Sweden. Since then the technology has moved on and today’s dental implant is a very sophisticated device which has very precise components to fulfil various needs. Also modern dental implant has special surface treatment which helps to speed up healing process. The design features are also introduced by keeping the long term function of dental implant in mind. Modern implant allows easy replacement of artificial teeth on top without the need of dental implants to be removed.

Long-term data confirm a success rate of 90-95% for dental implants. They do require regular follow-up and a good maintenance of oral hygiene. If proper care is adopted dental implants will last several years.

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