Introduction to Custom Photo Framing Elements

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Photography is an art. Taking beautiful photos are not enough. You have to display your hard work to others and to your next generation. Picture framing can help you preserve your photos for decades. The proper framing can make a difference to your pictures. How will you select the finest picture frame for your photos? Do you know what is differentiating custom photo frames from ready made frames? You can save a large amount of time by cautiously selecting the proper framing. Factory-made and assembled frames are commonly known as ready made frames. They will come with glass covers, built-in framing hardware and backing. It will be either table top or a wall design. They usually come in different standard sizes. Almost all frame retailers selling them and you can buy and use them right away.

On the other hand, custom photo frames are frames which are made to meet your requirements. Oil paintings, watercolors or any peculiar or unique sized photo, print or painting can be used for this framing. You can select the molding too. Specifications are dimensions are of your choice. The frame creator can help you meet your custom frame requirements. You can choose which object to cover your precious pictures. Normal substances are glass, acrylic or ultra violet protective surface. You can ask your framer for a hanging support at the backend of the frame or a sliding stand to keep on the table top. Usually a custom photo frame will cost you more than that of a ready made frame. But when it compared to the satisfaction you are going to get by creating a master piece of your picture using your creativity, the cost will be negligible.

Foam core can be called as the beginning part of a photo framing. They are available in acid free varieties. The presence of any acidic particle will reduce the life of your pictures. Foam core come up with two colors namely black and white. They are coming in different width and thickness according to the nature of framing. Another important thing is mat board. There are two types of mat boards are available - custom mat board and pre cut mat board. Pre cut boards are cheaper than custom mat boards.

If you don't have much time to select a frame, ready made frames is an easy option for your needs like gifting. But remember that if you can plan in advance and book a custom frame, that gift will carry your personal attachment towards the person whom you are going to present the gift. This gift can show your personal signature. Online frame retailers and galleries can help you find the perfect picture frame fast and easily.

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