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As a parent it is your responsibility to shape up the academic career of your child. The research has revealed that students who get immense support from their parents shine as a student. Those children who get parental guidance and supervision while practicing academic skills during their after school hours, can retain the learning for a long time. They are able to take better and well informed decisions. Most of the schools have reiterated the fact that parents are in fact partners in education and hence an important stakeholder. Therefore, their involvement is necessary to get maximum returns in the form of improved and better academic performance. There are several points to be considered when you are getting involved in your childís education.
Quality Time
It is really sad that these daysí parents are really engrossed in their work and hence neglect their children. They feel that it takes a whole lot of time, whereas all they need is just to set aside at least half an hour in the whole day to improve the academic performance of your children. They need to invest some time to gain better and desired results. Whether you teach some vocabulary words while cooking dinner or teach some math skills while going grocery shopping, child will gain some new insights.

Online Resources
There are many educational websites for students that are available. As a parent you can utilize the new teaching tools and try to be involved with childís education taking a cue from these educational websites. Most of all, these websites are available for free. You donít have to invest huge bucks on them. Free educational websites offer various tools, such as vocabulary building exercises and writing practice tests.
Knowledge Test
Many parents introduce their children to different books and vocabulary activities but they fail to keep a tab on the learning. It is essential to test the knowledge of your child from time to time in order to understand whether your child is actually gaining an insight. Many websites allow you to take vocabulary tests.
Interactive Games
Interactive games can help build vocabulary and at the same time provide favorable environment for learning. However, many parents feel that online games are just about racing cars and bike and whole lot of destructive games that have zero educational value. The bottom line is that there are some interactive games, such as online flash cards which are very educational, entertaining, engaging and encouraging. These games provide the right kind of learning environment as well as built the right skills from the childhood.

Reading Stories
Since ages, our grandparents have been telling us stories and these days parents read out bed time stories to their kids. However, this is the time when you bond with your kid more than any other time of the day. You can help clear many concepts through the medium of stories. Other than developing vocabulary words, you can actually impart right moral values to your children. offers online flash card maker to make free flash cards online. All you have to do is pick one subject and make the vocabulary flash cards online for as per the level of your children. The website provides online quizzes that serve as a vocabulary test. provides your children with many games including crosswords and word match that skillfully boost the vocabulary.

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