Internet VOIP Phone Service Calling is Real Cheap

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Recent technology using the TV co axial cable for voice transmission has opened up a niche in the communication field. By enabling users to take advantage of their existing broadband connection to make and receive cheap phone calls, VOIP has become a real money saver for both residential and business customers alike.

The competition in the communication field has been greatly increased with the advent of voip technology offered by the broadband providers. This situation works in the buyers favor as companies, in the face of competitive pressures, are forced to reduce prices and/or provide superior features than their competitors. Consumers looking for a broadband phone provider should go online and read reviews of the top providers, as well as compare prices and features.

Probably the biggest name in broadband providers is Vonage.Many consumers mistakenly believe that Vonage is the only broadband provider. There are broad band providers that are bigger and more costly and others smaller and less costly both offering more or less standard features. Vonage is only one choice and there are many more broadband providers that offer the same good service and standard features to choose from.

Todays technology and support services make voip installing and hook up easy for the casual computer user.

Knowledgeable computer users can connect to more basic services without all the features at a savings by using Skype, Viatalk or Magicjack. Basic services such as PC to PC calls are provided by Google Talk and Skype. Besides a headset and microphone an optional adapter that lets the users use there wireless or land line can be bought.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is not a company but a communications protocol which allows communicate from PC to PC at no cost to the users. Using SIP directly requires more work and technical knowledge than the other communications, but the cost savings along with the cool factor of using the protocol directly are draws for some users.

Discuss your communication requirements with your office staff to establish a priority list complete with a budget figure prior to the your broadband providers web search. Reading an internet review is a great way to narrow down the choices.


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