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Internet TV
Is undoubtedly the hot color TV industry, manufacturers have get together. Appliance stores, the salespeople are hard yell Internet TV, and some can be seen advertised online high definition movies, and some that can read the text online information and stock information, and some said to be online
... ... Excuse for changing consumer confusion, the Internet TV in the end can be doing?

Promoters are "criticize"

Reporters came to the weekend
Park business district of the few appliance stores. Suning Appliance has just entered, waited at the escalator entrance of several vendors to a few promoters would plug
Single, all on the Internet TV or LED television.
Main sales area
TCL TV is Internet TV. "Internet television is the future trend, miTV (TCL Internet TV) can watch HD movies online, but also the ability to automatically update, enjoy the latest features." Salespeople also particularly emphasized to reporters the other vendors of Internet TV can not automatically upgrade. Source for movies and television, sales staff that have specialized partner sites, "mainly PPS website, we will filter its contents, and then into TCL's

Device platforms. "

Hisense color TV in the adjacent area is the main LED TV. When asked whether the Internet TV, has been a positive answer: "Our Internet TV is a portal and collaboration, through our television to see the site information and share information." Salesperson then said but can not watch online video. Whispered another sales staff are told, TCL Internet TV Meisha film source, "reported a while ago by someone else, and the video site co-operation has stopped." However, he urged reporters to buy LED TV, "domestic No network environment, TV watching online video card can not. "

The Konka TV area, sales staff claimed that its Internet TV is the latest generation of products, "1080P, HDTV, and other products fail." Text messages can only watch TV for Internet TV, they are scoffed: "This is also called Internet TV?
They have all read the news and stocks. "

Look GB aside speculation

In the end what deserves to be called Internet TV? The problem is not resolved, consumers will inevitably be confused, Internet TV is also the concept of speculation will inevitably be labeled label. Fortunately, the problem is expected to be resolved. It is reported that China

Video Industry Association is the enactment of a national standard Internet TV machine. To this end, Video Industry Association will also set up specialized agencies, organizations, TV color TV business seminars networking standard, the domestic mainstream TV manufacturers will participate in the development of this standard.

China Video Industry Association, a staff member of the Secretariat told reporters: "In general, a function of the TV to watch Internet video is the Internet TV. However, the current standard has not yet formed, in the end is not clear what the specific content of . the development of national standards aim is to create a good environment for the development of Internet TV, allowing users to quickly understand and accept Internet TV. "

It is understood that in foreign countries, some countries have developed standards to regulate the development of Internet television. Such as Japan, Sony, Panasonic and other leading companies on the development of five covering all aspects of Internet TV a common standard, which relates to the operating system, security, intellectual property protection and network connections.

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