Internet T1:Basics of Dedicated Internet Access

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What is Internet T1 Line: A T1 line is a high-speed digital telephone line that transmits signals at 1.544 Mbps and provides accommodation up to 24 telephone lines or trunks. A T1 line can be used in place of separate local trunks and lines from the local telephone company. It also has the ability to bypass your local telephone company and connect directly to your long distance service provider.
Dedicated internet access:
DIA (Dedicated internet Access) is a highly reliable, predictable, and high bandwidth Internet connection. DIA is an always on connection that connects directly to providers core equipment and it is dedicated to you, not shared with nor aggregated with other business clients. These types of connections allow a business customer to connect their office network with greater performance and scalability than is available with DSL, wireless or any kind of switched service. Guaranteed bandwidth and speed assures low latency and solid network performance 24/7.
Why choose Dedicated Internet?

• DIA is engineered to meet the needs of mission-critical business applications such as e-commerce.
• DIA provides high quality connections for businesses that need to host their own servers (Web, Mail, Application, Reservation, FTP etc.).
• DIA facilitates transfer of large files between local and global offices and also customers, suppliers or employees off-site.
• DIA improves internal communication via e-mail and browsing capabilities.
• DIA allows access to servers from remote locations.
• DIA facilitates bandwidth Intensive multimedia activities such as Internet Streaming, Distance Learning, Webcasting.
• DIA provides the foundation for value added services such as Virtual Private Networking
Speeds available
• T1 - 1.5M ( Internet T1 )
• NxT1 - Multiple Bonded T1s - 3M, 4.5M, 6M, 7.5M, & 9M
• DS3 - 3M to 45M in 3M increments
• OC3 - 35M to 155M in 10M increments
• OC12 - 125M to 622M in 25M increments to 250M, 50M increments to 600M, plus 622M

• OC48 - ICB Only - 1000M to 2488M in 500M increments to 2000M, plus 2488M
• Ethernet - 2M to 10M in 2M increments
• Fast Ethernet - 2M to 100Mbps in 2M increments up to 10M, then 5M increments up to 100M
• Gigabit Ethernet - 50M to 1000M in 10M increments to 100M, 25M increments to 250M, 50M increments to 1000M
• 10 Gigabit Ethernet - 1000M to 10,000M in 1000M increments
ds3 broadband connection

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