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In the past, people could have easily been seen looking for ways to make cheap international calls. However, these days there are a plenty of ways by which one can easily make cheap international calls. The rise of technology has understandably brought many new ways by which cheap international calls have been able to become accessible to every person. VoIP or voice over internet protocol is one of a system, which allows its user to communicate by just plugging in their head phones and then speak over the internet. Similar to a fixed line phone, VoIP allows for a stream of audio via the net. VoIP is comparatively a cheap mode for making international calls.

Another internet based medium to make cheap international calls is Skype. It is a free software, which can be easily downloaded to enjoy its services which allows people to make free Skype-to-Skype calls, account holders can speak to each other for free and can do a video conference as well. Nowadays, Skype is also being offered on some mobile phones, so that you can communicate with your family and friends in foreign land and that too free of cost. The only drawback of Skype is that internet access is needed. However, Skype can also be used to call mobile phones or even fixed line phones, but to make these kind of call with Skype, you need to empty your wallet because it is more expensive than other means of making international calls.

Another option to make cheap international call is using a direct dial access code, which is a great and unique way to make cheap long distance calls to mobile phones and fixed line phones. And, you don't need to have an account or internet. Direct dial access code works by dialing a code before dialing the recipient's number, with whom you wish to talk. This then applies a substantial discount to the call which can be very cheap, even to mobile phones. Direct dial access code can be used while on the go and does not need an internet connection.

Finally, calling cards are the most famous way to make cheap international calls. The calling card industry is thought to be worth some $1 billion a year. Buying a prepaid calling card allows you to make cheap long distance calls without paying up hefty phone bills. These cards can be bought from various online portals for 24 x 7.

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