International Calling Cards and 3G Data Cards: Best international wireless connectivity options

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Travelling to a foreign destination without an International Calling Card is like going out without a travel plan. In today’s age of hi-tech wireless connectivity options, devices like International Calling Cards and 3G Data Cards provide a plethora of services to the users besides enabling them to save money. Let us discuss some of the major benefits of using theses global connectivity services:

Save money with these services

International SIM cards are available with absolutely FREE international roaming in several countries and cheap international roaming in the rest of the world. This is the best feature of an International Calling Card that can help you to save lot of money spent over global roaming charges. Similarly the international 3G Data Cards enable you to save money spent over renting Cyber café systems and other modes of Internet connectivity in foreign countries.

Convenience at your disposal

Comfort and convenience are the only two words that come to the minds while thinking of global wireless connectivity services. With the aid of country specific international SIM cards you can easily make and receive calls from anywhere in the world on the other hand 3G Data Cards enables the globetrotters to access anytime anywhere Internet even while moving abroad. Now, you don’t need to search for local telephone booths or Internet Cafes in unknown destinations of foreign countries, you can easily access your very own handheld mobile phone with global calling card and your own laptop / notebook with global data card.

Unlimited availability of options to suit different budgets

Most of the leading Indian Telecom companies like Clay Telecom, Matrix, Telstra, GoSIM and others provide several options of international SIM cards and data cards for the global travelers. The calling cards are available in country specific post paid and prepaid options. For example if you are travelling to the USA, you can avail the Postpaid or Prepaid USA SIM Cards according to your convenience and budget. The Prepaid USA SIM Cards are good for the global travelers going out occasionally for leisure or business purposes, whereas the postpaid option is good for those going to US for a longer duration like for pursuing studies, etc. Similarly the pocket sized data cards are available with seamless coverage for various foreign destinations that can be accessed accordingly.

Irrespective of the fact, which part of the globe you would be travelling to; global connectivity services have transformed the phase of international wireless connectivity needs and made it extremely convenient and cost effective for the globetrotters. So enjoy your foreign visits with these options of connectivity.

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