Intermediate Portrait Retouching - Enhancing the Uniqueness of a Portrait

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The outcome of a portrait all depends on the photographer and how the intermediate portrait retouching is done. For a professional photographer, portraits are all about chronicling an event or an image and consequently conserving it on film after correcting it in a carefully staged manner. Portraits are done using props, sets, and a prearranged position depending on how the photographer would want the whole look to be perceived. Shots are taken to capture the image of the person the way he or she is positioned to look. The appearance will now be subjected to intermediate portrait retouching to make the image appear more professional and get a smooth finish.

Enhance, Not Recreate

Intermediate portrait retouching generally includes basic retouching and is all about accentuating the natural features of the person by minimizing blemishes and distractions that can get into the way of having a smooth and pleasing portrait. You cannot expect to have your portrait identical with some Hollywood celebrity because good retouching means knowing how to maintain the individuality of each subject. You need to study the character of the person in the portrait so it would be easier to decide on what attributes need to be corrected and accentuated and which one is to be minimized. The outcome of each portrait totally depends on how you approach the subject and the way you make out of it.

Retouching the Skin

People can be too conscious of their skin's appearance and make it a point to have those puffiness and paleness concealed or corrected in the final output of their portrait. When you talk about intermediate portrait retouching, it generally includes teeth whitening and skin smoothening by concealing blemishes of the skin, balancing skin tones as well as refining wrinkles but making sure that the skin is appropriate for the person's age. Younger people definitely have smoother skin compared to the older ones wherein some wrinkles should remain as a sign of experience and maturity. Retouching does not mean altering, so you have to put in mind that you are not erasing those wrinkles but rather only minimizing them in a subtle way.

Whitening The Teeth

Don't get fooled of the images you see where people are grinning so wide showing off those perfectly white set of teeth. You don't think they have been using special whitening toothpastes to have those wonderful teeth because all you need is the perfect intermediate portrait retouching to achieve such look. Photoshop is the only reason to make a quick work on whitening those teeth and brightening smile. With a little help from the dodge tool, you will definitely have an improved set of teeth in no time. Just remember not to overdo painting the teeth otherwise the brightness will make the whole image look fake.

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