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Decorate your home interior in a way that it has “Staying Power” i.e. “Living Power” the capacity to last many years longer than the current trend. Decorate the interior to please yourself rather than to please your friends and relatives. Keep it in mind that while trends come and go good taste never goes out of style.
Getting home interior work off the ground is the most difficult part. Even with clear idea of the interior how does one begin?
There are innumerable choices with endless possibilities. It could be plain interior or period style or contemporary like Italian/ Danish/ French/ Malaysian/ filmy. Below I will try and simplify styles.

1.Plain interiors are basically simple straight-line furniture’s, furniture without panels, moulding, carving, etc. It can have different sober colours e.g. Light colour wood or Mahogany finish shutters and furniture or it could be Rosewood finish furniture. The soft furnishings could be with geometrical patterns and pastel colours. These interiors are easy to create and comfortable to live in as there is no drama created by it. Maintenance of this interior is simple as there is no carving or fancy shapes. The ‘living power’ of this style is average.

2.Period Style- this style has a never die motto. Since generation it has been a trend in elite class homes to own at least few pieces of antique period furniture and try to create interiors around the same. This type of interiors are not cost effective but are very durable and has an extraordinary “living power” the more you stay in this interior more you like the same.

3.Contemporary Style or Modern Trends is to create interiors of your own dreams. It could be having Cleopatra in your living room or sitting on the spaceship for dinner or having a bath in the Great baths of Rome.

4.There are three types of trends in fad today - one is a Theme interior which tries to make your dreams come true. E.g. a person can combine Roman Style with Japanese furniture. Egyptian theme can be followed in the total interior where some characters like lotus motifs or sand colour can be used extensively with blue and purple of Egyptian era. This type of interior can be called as conceptual interiors also.

Second trend is to use modern ready-made furniture imported from
Abroad i.e. Italy, Malaysia etc. These furniture’s are very contemporary in design, manufactured with latest technology. The only drawback is that this furniture is not designed with consideration for Indian climate & Indian style of usage. The finishing of such furniture is excellent to impress one at first sight.
The Wrought iron furniture is also the latest trend. This type of furniture gives a dramatic effect hence you will always see them on the idiot box as a backdrop in soap operas. This furniture is very cheap in cost, very difficult to maintain and also uncomfortable, but wrought iron combined with other material like wood, fibre etc. can help to overcome its drawbacks. Only problem with this modern trend is that they are too dramatic and the “Living Power” is very less.

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