Interested In Selling Photography Services? You Could Start Tomorrow!

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Many things you have learned about photography are untrue. Chief among these is the belief you need a professional set up to earn your living. There are plenty of long-term plans whereby you can learn how to sell photographs and make a sustainable income. There are also ways to start earning tomorrow. With the help of a comprehensive set of step by step guides you really can earn from your favourite hobby (photography).

Now, I may not be regarded as a 'conventional 'photographer, e.g. I don't often use a studio, I work from home the majority of time, and I am rarely on anyone's hours but my own. I have amassed professional level equipment over the last few years. However, when I originally decided my days of working 9-5 for somebody else were over, and I planned to use my love for photography as a way to make my living, the only gear I had available was the same as any serious amateur would use.

I came up with a plan to sell photographs without professional equipment. The first idea was only the first of many different methods I have experimented with. It was a good plan as it could be carried out using an ordinary digital camera. This method I cheesily refer to as 'The Nightclub Gig' and while I started out with some trepidation, I needn't have worried and surprised myself by cutting a profit almost immediately.

To cut a long story short, I took photos of couples and friends enjoying a night out. I didn't know whether anyone would be interested. Surprisingly though, as long as you act professionaly, people actually ask you to take their photo. As long as you don't try to rip anybody off, they're more than willing to pay you for your efforts. You can use portable printing equipment to give the customer instant gratification - or take their emails and offer a more professional service. With this second method, you may not earn instant cash, but you do have their email address for subsequent offers.

This is only one method - but there are plenty more, and they'll all work if you only put yourself out there, give it a try, and present yourself professionally. It can be scary deciding to sell photography services for a living. However, whilst professional equipment is not a bad thing to own, a decent standard of serious amateur level gear will give you the results you require to make a living in this business. You can always upgrade later - and once you get the bug, believe me you will want to.


Discover how selling photography services can lead to a fantastic second income from your hobby. Follow my step by step guide, and you will see that you don't even need pro equipment or pro skills to do this. Check out for full details.

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