Instant summer glow with a spray tan or tanning lotion

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We all know the feeling of getting dressed in your favourite outfit, sexy shoes and amazing accessories…. However when you look in the mirror before leaving your house, you see something that truly is not quite right?

It's your skin - You look pale, drained and lifeless… While your clothes and makeup look great, you just feel so dull and this makes you feel a little down about how you look. Not a great start to a night out.
Now let's turn things around…..
You've just gotten ready, you're friend has beeped her car outside…. And just before running out the door you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. You look like a beautiful, bronzed goddess!! Your skin looks tanned and terrific… it is incredibly hydrated and looks so silky soft… Not only that, you are actually glowing! For the first time in ages, there is radiance about you that makes you feel so beautiful,… so confident and… so alive!
What is your secret…., it's your new spray tan/ tanning lotion that looks so good, nobody would ever think that it was ever sunless.

If all sunless tanning products were created equal, then yes, you would get the results using any old product. But sadly they're not….. It's the beautiful, natural ingredients that we've put into Asyana Natural Sunless Tan that makes Asyana a truly radiant, bronze tan that your skin will love.
As it is made using natural ingredients, such as walnut extract, aloe vera, green tea, vitamin e, allantoin, essential oils this sunless tan not only develops into a beautiful bronze colored tan (the same way your natural tan would look) but it also hydrates and nourishes your skin so deeply, that you can't help but glow.
Asyana has put all of the good things into their sunless tan, and left out all those nasties such as paraben preservatives and alcohol, so that you can truly enjoy that summer glow any time you want.
The difference between using an orange/ streaky tan… vs a natural, bronze, hydrating tan is truly life changing difference. And we guarantee that after using Asyana just once, you will notice the Asyana difference… Not only that, people will be in awe of the radiant, beautiful, new you.

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