Install Your Flat Screen TV on Your Own

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Now, the most trendy home entertainment gadget is the Flat screen TV. Thanks to the latest innovations in plasma and LCD technologies. With their enhanced picture quality, the Flat screen Televisions are here to stay. Not only they have superior quality they also look good and really add to the ambiance of your living room. However many people opt for a Flat screen not because of the above reasons. It is because, its TV screen only occupies as little as 4 5 inches of space and thus provides you with more free space in your living room. For the proper functioning of your flat screen plasma or LCD TV you need to plan thoroughly before you do the installation.
Location and anchoring

The first thing you need bear in mind before you do the installation is the weight of your Television set. This is very important as they are often hung on walls without any support from the bottom, even though they weigh less than conventional TV sets. You should take extra care of the fittings to hold in place for long or else it could cost you dearly. Hence, it is a key aspect to decide on the optimal location. You should avoid fixing your Flat screen TV in such places where people move across frequently.

Ideal viewing location

As discussed above, your flat screen TV should be fixed at the most favorable location of your living room. It should synchronize with the seating arrangement as well. Never place your TV opposite to windows or doors as sunlight may interfere with the picture clarity. It is advisable to place your Flat screen TV adjacent to a corner of your living room where the window is preferably to the right side of the TV screen. You need to keep in mind to leave space for speakers and other add-on gadgets. For ideal viewing the distance between the screen and your sofa should be around 6.5 feet.
Concealing cables and wires

It is often the most neglected part during the installation process of your Flat screen plasma or LCD TV. Your flat screen TV looks cool when all the cables are not seen or hidden. You can do this by masking the wires and cables through attractive moldings or by fixing the screen directly over the power point plug.
If you follow the above suggestions you can definitely install your newly bought Flat Screen LCD or Plasma TV on your own, without any professional help.

By: Francis David

Francis helps people understand the DISH Network DISH TV Service and DISH Network receivers. He can help you find the best DISH Network Deals for new customers.

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