Insights into cast iron griddles

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Cast iron griddles predate history and yet ironically they were still an essential tool in the wagons carried across the plains by the early pioneers of our great country. They remain an important tool in the kitchen armory of the American cook. I know many a cook who, having started to use a cast iron griddle, hardly ever uses their frying pan!

Even with all of today's modern gadgetry cast iron griddles are still extremely popular be it for use on the campfire, in the kitchen or for when cooking on the patio. Isn't it strange how some things just never go out of fashion? No matter what scale of time frame you chose to look at.

Cast iron griddles are available in round, square and rectangular shapes and can be used on the grill, on the hob, in the oven, on the stove top and on the camp fire. Cast iron griddles are truly great cookware unsurpassed in their simplicity and their use. Once you've got used to using one I'd go so far as to say that cast iron griddles are hard to live without due to their versatility.

Griddles are perfect for breakfasts as well as for the main meal of the day, indeed for any situation where your food needs cooking with an even heat and browning. You can use a griddle for grilling vegetables or hamburgers, for cooking pancakes, oatcakes, crepes, grilled cheese, crumpets, unleavened breads and for Welsh cakes; the list goes on and on.

If you buy a double sided griddles then you'll have two grilling surfaces: typically one side will be ribbed for chicken or steaks and the other flat,so its perfect for pancakes and toasted sandwiches. Always try to chose a griddle with beveled edges as the bevel will help to stop your food falling off when you are moving it off the heat.

Cast iron griddles are the only griddle to buy in my book. They represent a great American tradition and it's one tradition that is worth hanging on to leave alone the fact that from a technical perspective cast iron griddles are the best type of griddle you can purchase.

When using a cast iron griddle its important that there is good air flow and that you preheat the griddle pan before starting to place food upon it. Lets make no bones about it, cast iron griddles are excellent to cook with and, if seasoned correctly, they are totally non-stick. Better still, they can be used indoors and outdoors and providing you've bought a good quality griddle its going to last for generations, by which time it will have attained that gorgeous black hue. Just think of it. Your investment in a griddle is an investment in your great, great, grand children. Now there's a thought. Oh to be there to see them use it?

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