Insights into Broadband and related charges

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The UK government and Ofcom are doing their level best to ensure broadband customers do get the best deal while they should be able to ensure that are not overpaying for the services or availing less services.

When availing the broadband connections, it becomes necessary for the customers to choose the most suitable broadband provider which provides broadband and is extremely clear in customer dealings and charges. The terms and conditions of the broadband provider should be clear and brief. It would be good if they do not charge any hidden charges.

On the other hand, the customers should take out time to go through the terms and conditions in greater detail and get clarifications required from the broadband provider. When going through the terms and condition clauses, do keep a look out for words such as “fee”, “exit”, “usage”, “contract” and other related words.

Fees – On availing a broadband connection from a new provider, the terms such as Setup/Connection Charges, Deferred Free Activation, Exit Fees are commonly used and hence you need to check out in greater detail. In fact, you should seek out special understanding of the words “Exit Fee” or “Cancellation Charge” or “Free” and what is actually included or excluded when they are being used. In some cases activation charges are pretty expensive and hence they are waived off for new customers but availed from them when they terminate your broadband service. In case of termination of a contract, you do need to be extra careful as with termination clauses and payment of the remaining part of the contract.

Hidden Contract Periods – If your broadband provider is offering you broadband on a monthly contract basis, you do need to check whether this is applicable for a 12 month period as well. In case you wish stop their service after a few months, you may be required to pay one month’s fee additionally.

Charges over Mode of Payment– In case of charges levied by the broadband provider over payment through cheque, cash or credit is not to be borne by the customer. As per Ofcom directive, payment through non direct debit modes, the provider is supposed to charge the broadband service amount and nothing above that. It would be advisable to check this out before you fill up the signup form.

Bills – As per Ofcom’s regulations, providers can charge up to £1.50 for a paper or itemized billing sent to you. So you do need to be extra careful in case you are being overcharged by them.

Charges for Support Lines – In case of broadband providers charging you for support line services, you do need to be careful that you are not made to wait for a long time as these charges are going to be borne by you. You could always fight against excessive charges for the same, do visit for availing more guidance on the same.

Delivery Charges or Router Delivery Charges – There have been instances of free routers being offered by providers, but their delivery charges have been levied upon the customer. In the same way in case of returning of modem or routers, the customers have to bear the return delivery chares as well.

Service Charges for Telephone Line faults & servicing – This is one critical area which the customer cannot afford to ignore. In case problems with your phone line and you call out for repair services, the charges do have to be borne by you. A clarification on the same is required from the provider for you cannot blame the provider for the charging you because most telephone lines do charge additional for services.

The Fair Usage policy – Do make it a point to check out the fair usage policy and the charges for extra data usage else you are likely to fair enormous bills for excessive usage. Most broadband providers charge approximately £1 - £1.50 per extra GB availed. In case you are a Mobile Broadband user, this point has to be given extra attention for the mobile operators are known to charge extremely high amounts for the same. Do consider the Value Added Tax amount for that is applicable on service enjoyed at homes too.

Late Payment Fees – There could be slip ups in your fees schedule on account of minor oversights which each broadband provider tackles it differently. You could either enjoy a grace period or a disconnection as per their policy. It makes sense for you to check it out with their policies.

Mode of Renewal – Do check out with your broadband provider whether their system of contract renewal. In case they renew your contract automatically, it does sound a little troublesome for most customers would prefer to receive an email or letter announcing the end of the existing contract and reminding you to renew the same in advance.

BT Service or LLU Broadband Line –You can enjoy cheap broadband if you avail it from a provider who offered broadband through an unbundled exchange. In case your broadband is BT based, then you may need to pay for BT has to provide a telephone line as well. For this very reason, cheaper broadband is offered through LLU lines are advisable to go for.

Reactivation or Switching providers – When you switch providers, it takes time for the line transfer which could leave you without a broadband connection for some period of time. Some providers do charge you for reactivation when they are not supposed to. You should be well aware of the issue and be well informed of the procedure before you initiate the switch.

Well, the onus is on the customer to be well aware of the operating pattern of the broadband provider and how their charging patterns as well. By being alert and well informed you are doing your level best to safe guard your interest and money too.

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