Innovative website offers music composed specifically for running

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Running or jogging is one of the most prevalent forms of fitness used in the modern era. Its cardiovascular exercise is ideal for improving overall fitness. The difficulty can be in finding the motivation to run faster, harder and longer as a means of consistently improving fitness levels. One method employed by many is to listen to music whilst exercising and a revolutionary website offers specifically composed running music. That website is

This innovative website offers music which is specifically tailored to match the speed of a persons stride. The concept behind it is that by utilising music specifically composed for running that it will improve the workout by motivating the individual to run longer and faster or simply to keep going. Specifically tailored music is nothing new in that many people utilise various forms of music specifically for certain types of exercise however what audio fuel does is somewhat different. They have created a website which offers numerous running music tracks that are tailored for specific individual strides which in turn means that the individual listening to the music becomes motivated and uses the music to pace themselves.

The website is an interesting combination of simplicity and information. The audio fuel shop contains a compelling range of compilations and individual tracks of which many are geared towards providing individualistic music tracks that enhance performance. A variety of compilations are available which include coaching compilations , which inherently are playlists that are specifically tailored for warmup whilst other compilations are aimed at providing tracks that deliver running steady pace tracks and contain no voice over coaching. For those who prefer to produce their own playlists a range of tracks can be bought individually which are then compiled and provided. As a means of trying this concept out the website offers a free sample which provides the opportunity for the individual to trial the tracks.

Anyone who exercises will be aware of the benefits of utilising music and sound as a means of motivation and pace setting, this website provides specifically tailored music which is geared towards providing the motivation and also the ability through its stride focused tracks to keep the individual running at a pace that suits them and invariably improves their fitness.

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