Innovation in its best form: Nokia N8

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Photography in another level
Nokia's made sure all technical highlights are represented. Obviously there's email, text messaging, GPS and tunes. Movies can be played in the highest of resolutions. The 12.0 megapixel camera however, is what all the buzz is about. Thanks to a double zoom one can now take phone-photography to another level. Bringing a camera on holiday has become obsolete, thanks to (for example) face-recognition and the brand new Xenon flash. Fun fact: after taking a photo the geo-recognizer will automatically tell where the picture was taken. Nokia's goal to replace regular camera's is surely coming in sight. The Carl Zeiss lens improves the quality even more. Taking pictures after dark is no longer a problem. The Nokia N8 succeeds another master in photography, the N86, with honour.

From phone to tv
The Nokia N8 has a 3.5 inch touch screen and an HDMI output port. This makes the Nokia N8 one of a kind as HDMI makes it possible to watch photos and self made movies on a big screen. Create your own movies or use videophoning. The operating control system is the first of Nokia's new Symbian^3 generation.

From tv the phone
Indeed, it's possible to watch tv on the Nokia N8. Web TV was created exclusive for the N8. The channels are picked up by 3G or Wifi and can be watched in the unique Web TV interface. For example, CNN and National Geographic are alwasy available on your phone. Another possibilty is re-watching missed shows that were aired previously.

Fashion statement
The graphics of the Nokia N8 are a lot more slick than its predecessors. Because it weighs only 135 grams it feels right at home in your palm. The N8 is available in five colours, and especially the green and orange phones are hard to miss. Other choices are dark grey, blue and silver white. The display is another outstanding gimmick in the Nokia N8's design. The metal around it gives it a cool, sturdy look. The fast buttons on the sides enables the camera with just one push. Battery power holds up to a maximum of 400 hours on stand-by and 720 minutes of talking.
Scandinavian smart
Nokia N8 is without a doubt a smartphone. The wizard for email installment is very user-friendly and you should be online within just a few minutes. Setup takes the work out of your hands by automatically using and remembering your login data. The Nokia N8 easily handles the use of several applications during the same time. Apps for Facebook and Twitter are already installed. You can enjoy your Nokia N8 immediately after switching it on.

The Nokia N8 in short is a very easy to use smartphone. I even tried giving one to my parents and they got it working. And that says a lot! So if you want a user friendly phone, but still one that can provide you with everything that you are looking for in a phone: Get the new Nokia N8

Nokia is the market leader for mobile phones. The Finnish company is known for its innovation and always delivers something advanced when a new phone comes out. This also counts for the Nokia N8, whose camera alone takes on a whole new field. Learn more about the high expectations of the Nokia N8.

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