Informative solar programs- the key to a ‘greener’ future

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Solar energy is the ultimate renewable energy as scientists strive to discover more renewable sources to harness energy. Fossil fuels are becoming expensive and the earth is being depleted of its natural resources day by day. Using energy form the sun to provide heat, light and electricity is a sustainable way to produce energy and to this extent, the government is focusing on national solar schools program to further the understanding of this energy concept.
A solar course whether from private institutions or government solar schools program is necessary if one wants to take up a career in this field. Even if you do not want to turn into a full time professional solar expert, some sort of solar training is always useful as solar energy is now being regularly tapped for personal usage also due to concern for the environment. A primary, entry-level job in solar energy will require knowledge about residential installation and maintenance and a solar program for installers may range from a few weeks to a multi-year engineering degree. The requirement for solar engineers is such that even virtual solar schools program is much sought-after.

National solar or government solar courses offer advanced degrees for solar engineers and the national solar systems courses include solar energy principles, energy storage and transfer principles, testing and inspection, maintenance of the system and utility system design. There is a huge demand for solar thermal and photovoltaic energy projects and this requires trained technicians who have the expertise in the field of solar energy.
Buildings which are heated directly by the sun’s energy are increasingly becoming popular and soon we may have total solar cities. For heating the buildings directly, solar engineers consider the direction in which the sun moves year round and accordingly the building’s orientation, building materials, insulation, landscaping, widow shades and window glazing are specified so as the sun’s rays are captured in the winter and deflected in the summer.
Solar water heaters are also being installed in which collectors are mounted on the roof and angled towards the sun so as to heat the water. As the water gets heated, it circulates through a heat exchanger to warm up water in a hot water heater or a swimming pool. Such solar technologies require thorough knowledge of the subject matter and which can be got by enrolling in a solar course.

Government solar power projects require skilled technicians to deal with photovoltaic projects and as installers or contractors. For this, solar training dealing in basic electrical theory, system design and installation and safety and maintenance procedures is absolutely necessary. Many programs offer workshops and courses for home owners who wish to install solar energy system in their own homes. The goal of these programs is to impart a understanding of the concepts of solar energy so that its installation, workings and maintenance becomes viable. Architects, green builders, contactors, engineers, sales professionals as well as home owners can all benefit from taking a solar course in residential and/or commercial solar systems.

Solar Bros is a proudly South Australian company of Campbell & Partners, a member of the Clean Energy Council—the peak body representing solar photovoltaic (PV) accreditation.

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