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Ferrofluid is making a big difference in that products you can buy to make your life easier. This magnetic fluid was initially designed for space and military use, but now it has found its way into consumer products. Read on to discover about Ferrofluid.

Have you ever heard of a liquid called Ferro fluid? If not, then this is your chance to discover what it is.

The term Ferro fluid is of Latin origin. In Latin, Ferro means magnet. But with the English term fluid attached to it; this changes the its whole meaning. Fluid according to dictionary is liquid. So this means the Ferro fluid is a magnetic liquid.

This fluid is known for its ability to transform into a powerful magnet. How is this possible? Usually, the magnets that we’ve known are in solid forms that is why this is quite surprising. The truth is, this fluid is filled sub iron particles. This is the very composition of every solid magnet.

Quite surprisingly, the magnetic property of this fluid is stable. Being a liquid doesn’t make it less powerful or less useful. Its power can be observe in the presence of magnetic field.

Aside from being another type of powerful magnet, Ferro fluid can be used in different ways. These magnets find a tremendous number of uses in a variety of high tech products. Most surprisingly, we might even be using them already without having any idea that they are made of this fluid.

Domestically, Ferro fluids can be used as sealants and lubricants. Because of their solid and liquid combination, homeowners can have stable, elastic and flexible to patch the holes in their house. Some home owner products come with the proper lubrication needed in joining things together.

Of course, like for houses, these magnets can be used in industry as strong sealants and good lubricants. But, aside from these two functions, there are still other ways in which, Ferro liquids are use in the industry.

The military for example benefits from this fluid. Through it, they are able to make their aircrafts less visible from enemies’ radar systems. It also gives airplanes a better attitude control system.

Aside from military and aeronautics, engineers and doctors also found use in Ferro fluid. In engineering, they are use to reduce friction between rubbing parts, while in medicine people use them to identify cancer.

Another Ferro fluid use is to manufacture hard disks. Because it is a powerful sealant, it is use to connect the hard disk’s shaft to its magnet.

All of these are just few uses of this fluid where human can benefit. And for whatever reason that you might want to buy Ferro fluid, it is advisable that you read more about it. As explained, it had wide functions and different uses, that is why it is must that you make a thorough research about it.

Ferrofluid in Wikipedia can provide you important information about this liquid. Moreover, looking it up in the net will not just give you information about it, but you can also find out where to buy it. On the internet, you will find numerous Ferro fluid experiments that could be useful to you.

Go to Ferro fluid and get some Ferrofluid. You can do many experiments with it. If your kids have a school science project, check out this magnetic liquid. Visit to discover more about ferro.

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