Information Overload- Worst Than Crime News Headlines

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Have a look around yourself. What do you find most excruciating? Well, that may vary but most common of them is information overload. Earlier it was difficult to find information for one particular thing. The modes were tedious and availability minimal. Now information is so much ample that it gets difficult to fine-tune our requirement. You want to look for Company News. You will end up finding companies various people are enjoying online. Situation gets funnier when looking for crime news headlines takes you to definition of crime. Local India News leads you to local issues of unknown world. The game is not the subject of search but of the keywords. Every combination will lead to a different result.

Crimes are very attractive especially to unhappy normality of life. Crime news headlines thus appeals to a wide audience. They look for them in newspaper, News Channels, Internet and even in the daily soaps they watch on TV. Information overload plays a great role to obstruct their search. They get fed up of unrelated search results and quit. This seems a blessing in disguise. The situation is not always so. It hinders our most awaited and most looked for information. Like while looking for a book you can come across audio books that you never wished to opt as another option.

Information Overload acts as an irritating necessity. Things that are not relevant to some may come handy to others. As in case of books and audio books, it is important to notice that while looking for books, appearance of audio book may entice more to few others. We have different reaction for different things as individuals. For example “Local News India” is somewhat abstract in its sense. Topics like Company News mean as we see it in our brain but not to system generated filtered results. These keywords can result in various options. To sort our interest becomes a difficult although inevitable task.

Getting what we are looking depends upon public availability and of course on the search engine other than the keywords. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), thus, got very popular. Local News India, Company news and Crime News Headlines are now just treated as keywords but not a topic of focus on which some project is to be accomplished. We know that words have power. We just need to remember this. Words are all one has got. We might have revolutionized the Information Technology World but we still have to follow some fundamental rules. The knowledge can have far-reaching consequences.

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