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Making use of tongs for highly-priced stamps is a need to because a very simple touch can ruin or reduce the appeal of a stamp.

Magnifying glass

But in 1877 significantly less than 1 million pennies ended up minted. The 1877 pennies are valued at around 10 times far more than coins in related situation from 1876 or 1878.

The issue of coins and stamps is also an vital aspect. An 1877 "Indian-head" penny in "uncirculated condition" (actually good form) can be well worth 10 times a lot more than an 1877 penny in "good" condition. Exceptional, uncirculated, 1877 "Indian-head" pennies can be found in coin shops marketing for above $2,000.00 - (go get your very own comps). A equivalent coin to research for is the 1909 Lincoln-head penny with the mint mark "S" underneath the date and the letters "V.D.B." on the back underneath the wheat stalks. Significantly less than 500,000 1909S V.D.B. coins ended up minted compared to more than one hundred million other 1909 pennies. This coin was minted to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth.

The exact offer and demand guidelines apply to postage stamps. Commonly, unused stamps are more beneficial than applied stamps. Stamps in excellent condition are often a lot more important than equivalent stamps in bad affliction.

Stamp collectors search for stamps that are nicely-centered and have even, uniform margins. Stamps that are clean and free of tears are much more useful than their dirty, worn counterparts.

Just due to the fact a stamp or coin is aged does not necessarily mean it is important. A coin from the Constantine Period of the Roman Empire, which is about 330-345 AD, is more than 1,600 several years aged. It can be obtained from a dependable coin vendor for below $a hundred.00. Although this Roman Empire coin is very helpful they had been sold by the barrel to dealers just a several years go.

A full sheet of commemorative stamps from the 1940's is worthy of small far more than the worth of the postage. Dealers pay out significantly less than deal with-price. The sheet of stamps, are offered in terrific quantities and there is minimal demand for them as a collectible or as postage. You'll require a huge envelope to maintain 39 cents really worth of three cent stamps.

The superior news is that there are most likely concealed surprises in your clients' drawers. (Not those drawers!) Ahead of 1965 the U.S. mint developed coins containing a high proportion of silver. These dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollars are really worth about four periods their denomination appeal, based on the silver material on your own. Silver coins, in great problem, could be value significantly extra than those that are worn or broken. If it's a US dime, quarter, 50 percent dollar or silver dollar dated just before 1965, you have a silver coin. Following 1964 the United States went to copper clad coins.

In advance of you operate off to purchase, offer, or appraise stamps and coins, right here are a couple of tips from the pros:
Jules Topfer, NAC's Stamp and Coin specialist researcher suggests: "Don't rush your investigation. Store around.

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