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In many western countries thurs count as the fouth day of week and as per the international standard setup by iso 8601. In many countries thurs count as fifth day of the week or in certain nations as sunday-first convention. Commonly thurs falls between wednesday and friday following in the list of days in a week. People should know that the fullform of thurs is thursday which is the name of a day following in a week.

The name thurs produced from the old english punresdag means thunor's day and thor's day. In germany the day is felt after the name of the god like in danish, norweigan, and swedish known as torsdag, torstai in finnish, fimmtudagur in icelandic, donnerstag in german etc . The usage of thurs depend of its prescence in different languages like in romance language it is known as roman god jupiter famous as god of sky and thunder. People should know that in latin language thurs day means as lovis dies which means jupiter's day. And in indian culture the word thurs considered as guruvar meaning guru which is a sanskrit word named after planet jupiter.

In various religions such as judaism, islam, christians took thurs as a day for fasting for fulfilling their religious means. Consumers should know that in eastern orthodox church thurs is named after apostles and saint nicholas for reflecting dedication. Even not only tv serial using thurs as tool for increasing their trp but also several movies made on thurs by using the word. In 1996 the tale of the magic thursday was quite hit song at that time delivered by the band awaken from their album tales of acid ice cream. Every culture and society is using thurs for their conceptual thoughts and accepted by large mass finding its good output.

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