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Security window bars have been around for quite sometime now and you need already run into them in both homes or commercial buildings as part of your neighborhood.

But perhaps you have regarded with these in your private house or business? If what is anxiety this question isn't, then you certainly don't know what you're missing.

Window security bars play an important role in safeguarding your property and keeping kids safe. This article gives a detailed breakdown of the functions of home window security bars and many of the things you should think of while installing these protective materials.


Home window bars and gates serve two basic functions:

1. Home window bars for defense against burglary. Crime is precisely why people usually install window security bars. Most break-ins in urban neighborhoods are carried our not through breaking down of doors and windows but by opening of unsecured doors and windows. These bars give you a barrier that can not be compromised by criminals to gain access to a home or office.

2. Home window bars for keeping kids and pets safe. For houses where you can find some young children or pets, security bars can be very beneficial. Guide maintain your kids and pets safe by preventing them from exiting over the window and falling outside.

The option of your security bars will be determined through your specific needs. In case your concern is crime, you wish to consider installing strong and well-secured bars to hold off intruders. Yet, if your problem is small children or pets that have a tendency to crawl or play near your windows, you might need to seek out window bars which are created specifically to guard kids and pets.

Points to consider When Installing Window Bars

Once you've decided you need to install some security window bars, there's something you need to bear in mind when ordering your materials. They include:

Window Type

The sort of window on which you have to set up security bars is a crucial consideration. What sort of window do you want to fit these bars? Could it be a casement, sliding, single hung, or double hung window? Which type of security bars is going to be most suitable for your window? You'll want to discuss this with your supplier or installing company. Your supplier can provide you with the best opinion and recommendation on your best option. The great thing about these bars is because can be customized to fit nearly every type or size window. Which means you won't have a problem here.

Window Size

The opposite thing you must consider while installing security window bars is size the window you will need secured. The bars can be obtained in many of sizes, from smaller-sized and standard to larger size bars to adjust to many windows. Take the measurements of the windows and consult the security bars provider. If you're planning that will put up security bars for youngsters, you could decide among many different standardized and also expandable options. Children bars and gates usually don't require much precision or measuring.

Choosing Security Bars

Following the determining the size and type of your respective window, the next step involves deciding on the best sort of bars. Window security bars appear in three basic types: fixed, hinged and removable bars.

Fixed Security Window Bars

As the name suggests, fixed security bars and gate merchandise is permanently installed in place and they also don't open. Those are the most frequent and popular design of bars, as is also affordable and simple t o fit. These security bars can be found in numerous designs and sizes.

Hinged Security Window Bars

Hinged security bars unlatch and swing open exactly like doors. They are usually fitted having a quick-release mechanism for quick exit in a event of fireplace or emergency.

Removable bars

Again, as the name suggests, these security bars can be taken off completely from the windows on what they are mounted. They are an ideal option in situations that you need bars on small amount of time or on seasonal basis. Using these bars, you can mount and take the extra security without notice.

Additional Options

Beyond the different types of home window bars, there are additional design options that you can implement to improve the security and aesthetics in your home. As an example, you can decide to install bars that are saw-resistant, tamper-proof, add a locking system in your removable bars, or integrate a security alarm system onto the bars. The choice here is unlimited.

If you want more information about burglar-proofing your home or store then go to security bars to find out more.

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