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Blu ray movies are rising in popularity at an alarming rate. It wasn't that long ago that they were released to the public, but they brought such new presentation and clarity to television and film.

There was and still is a high volume of buyers of HDTV's since the very first release in 1998. The only issue was there wasn't a match for it's quality in disc. With the HD's new clarity they required something that would compliment yet take HD towards the next step. Not to mention they required something that was inexpensive that would be able to handle playing HD content. Thus came along the idea for the DVR-blu, shortly after coined blu-ray.

The very first public appearance of the first blu ray disc was in 2000 at an exhibition by Sony-Phillips. The product was taken in with open arms and people were really interested in when it was going to be released into stores. Three years later, April 2003, the very first device was released in shops.

A ton of excellent movies are now obtainable on blu ray. These great titles, however, where among the first to be released on blu ray: The Terminator, The Fifth Element and Underworld: Evolution. This exciting new way to watch movies was and will continue to be exciting to people around the world.

There has been an amazing difference between the number of individuals who were purchasing blu ray at the beginning, 2006 about 1.6 million individuals, to the number of individuals who buy blu ray now, which is about 177.2 million. Many studios are also changing the way they sell films too. Some started just selling blu ray movies while some are doing a half and half thing where they have both dvd and blu ray in one pack or one on either side. When there's either one on both sides this is called a flipper disc. Studies have shown that the more people rent blu rays the lower the cost stays and the more films come out in the blu ray format.

Even in the 3D age blu ray has been adapted. They're now making 3D capable blu ray dvds. Also movies that are compatible with 3D film and tv. Even Playstation 3 is going with the times coming out with 3D compatible games and also the capability to play 3D film and television.

The mini-blu ray, just like the mini-cd or mini-dvd, are about 8cm. They hold a little bit less information but are now able to fit in camcorders and other smaller recording devices. You are able to record on these and then download into any computer that's blu ray compatible.

Blu ray has presented a new way of watching films. The visual is so crisp and clear. The audio is even much more crisp. It has changed everything about movie watching. Mostly everyone recommend switching over from dvd to blu ray. It's suggested that if you still have only a dvd player to switch over to blu ray. In time dvd, like VHS, is going to dwindle away and blu ray will be left standing. For the best entertainment value out there, check out blu ray and enjoy the show!

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