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Laser skin resurfacing produces excellent results in the right hands, but can be terribly LinkBack the wrong hands. Laser skin resurfacing can help to correct years of aging by reducing the age spots, wrinkle removal and skin tension. Through the skin tightening, laser skin resurfacing might be a good treatment scars, particularly acne scars.

Laser skin resurfacing is safe?

Absolutely. Laser has been used for many years to improve skin tone and texture. Today There are many options to perform laser skin resurfacing, depending on skin type and the desired results. As with any medical procedure, there is a risk, and consultation with experienced and trained physician is necessary to determine if the procedure is a candidate and to determine exactly what risks you may face.

What is laser skin resurfacing down with time?

With any type of laser which destroys the outer layer of skin, redness of the period while the skin heals. Most skin resurfacing procedures require a period of skin care moisturizers to prevent scarring and poor wound healing. Again, in consultation with experienced Your doctor can ensure that you are informed before undertaking any cosmetic surgery procedure.

What does laser skin resurfacing treatment?

* Acne scars
* Age spots
* Scars after surgery
* Scars from accidents
* Wrinkles

What is the best laser procedure?

The best laser procedure depends on the patient's skin type and desired result. Some people, intense pulsed light machine may be the best at other carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers, in conjunction with other skin rejuvenation procedures, may be the best option.

Are all candidates for the procedure?

Unfortunately, not every candidate. Some medical conditions precluding laser resurfacing treatment. Care must be taken with people who have dark skin, because some laser treatments can create pigment irregularities. Violations of these pigments may be permanent, and once made, it can be very difficult, if not corrected.

Cost is covered by insurance?

In most cases, skin rejuvenation procedures are not covered by insurance. In some cases, insurance may be considered that the amount, if the procedure is used to treat the results of previous accidents or not previously covered by the procedure. The only way to determine if the procedure is covered ask the insurance company.

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