Inflatable Kayak Reviews: Finding The Best Inflatable Kayak

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For those who have used hard shell kayaks, you know how challenging it can be to transport one. Once you arrive at the lake, river, or ocean, then you have to go through the process of getting it to the water. However, with an inflatable kayak all you have to do is place it in your duffel bag and inflate it once you get to the water. They are extremely lightweight, as most weighed under 40 pounds. You can carry them around to a variety of areas and access remote rivers and lakes. An inflatable kayak can be taken on a flight to almost anywhere you want to kayak. If you are interested in buying one, then reading inflatable kayak reviews will help you decide which one is best for you.

Kayaks are available in different sizes, weights, load capacity, prices, and vary when it comes to the kind of waters they are designed for. The first step is to decide whether you want to a single or tandem model. Then you will have to determine where you will be kayaking, such as lakes, rivers, or the sea. Once this has been decided, then it's a matter of considering features, specifications, pricing, and brands.

What size is best? If you want speed, then a longer, leaner kayak is what you're looking for. If stability is more important, then look for ones that are wider. If you are a beginner, then a wider kayak is probably your best bet since it takes experience and skill to guide longer kayaks. Most recreational kayaks are designed for a blend of speed and stability. The size of sea kayaks are wide-ranging, so what is best depends on your abilities and experience. To summarize, if you kayak for recreational reasons only, then shoot for stability. If you want speed, then target ones that are longer in length.

Weight is another consideration involved in an inflatable kayak comparison. If portability is high on the priority list, then the lighter the better. A tandem kayak will weigh more and typically require two people to carry one.

Where are you going to be kayaking? Some inflatable kayaks are built for whitewater rapids, others are designed for lakes. If this will vary, then search for ones that can handle several types of conditions.

What do you plan on bringing with you while kayaking? If you have a lot of gear and accessories, then your inflatable kayak must have enough load capacity to accommodate them.

When you compare inflatable kayaks, you will most certainly think about how much you will spend. Generally speaking, the more expensive ones perform the best and are made with higher quality than cheaper ones. The higher end models will cost around one thousand dollars on up. However, even the mid level models are built stronger than ever, so don't feel like you have to spend more than have to.

The best rated inflatable kayak is generally made from a top brand. Researching the different brands out there will give you more insight into your decision-making. Some of the better ones include Sea Eagle, Advanced Elements, Tributary, Aire, among others.

What if you are still undecided on which kayak to purchase?

Choosing the right kayak to suit your lifestyle is not easy as these crafts can easily cost you quite a sum. The only way to help you along is to encourage you to read more reviews of the various makes and models which interest you. You can read my kayak reviews here.

Be a smart buyer by learning how to look out for the right kayak using my buyer's guide during sea kayaks for sale period.

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