Infertility a Problem? IVF is an Option to Explore

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Infertility is becoming more and more common, in fact over six million American women have difficulty conceiving a child or bringing the pregnancy to term. Infertility is defined as not being able to get pregnant after one year of trying. If a woman is 35 or older then she is considered infertile after six months of attempting to conceive. The problem of infertility of course could be caused by issues in the male as well; and in fact percentages of male or female cause are the same. Sometimes the couple cannot conceive because both have an underlying difficulty. And finally there are also unknown causes of infertility. Consult a Houston fertility clinic to begin the process of uncovering the causes of your infertility and what can be done about it.

One very popular treatment method for infertility is IVF. In Houston, a fertility clinic will be able to discuss with you your options to make having a baby a reality! IVF-in vitro fertilization is an assisted reproductive technology that is now very common, it has been in use since the late1970's. "In vitro" means that fertilization takes place outside of the human body-the sperm and the egg are instead brought together under ideal conditions in a controlled medical setting. It is a multi-step process. To find out if it is appropriate for you it's best to find a quality infertility clinic in Houston that specializes in IVF.

IVF Background:
IVF is done to help a woman conceive successfully, despite some of the most common causes of infertility, including:
*Age of the woman (advanced maternal age)
*Blocked or damaged fallopian tubes
* Endometriosis
*Uterine fibroids
*Male infertility, causes, include decreased sperm production and/or blockage
*Unexplained infertility

What to Expect

Once you have your appointment at a Houston fertility clinic. The physician will do a thorough infertility checkup. A health and sexual history of both parties will be taken and accessed. Generally the doctor will need to do a series of tests. In the male, doctors usually begin by testing the semen. They look at the shape, quantity, and movement of the sperm. Also the level of a man's hormones may be tested.

In women, the first step is to find out if she is ovulating each month as problems with ovulation are the most common cause of female infertility. Ovulation problems are often the result of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is a hormonal imbalance issue in women. Primary ovarian insufficiency (POI) is the next most common factor causing ovulation problems. POI is when the ovaries cease functioning properly before a certain age. There are many factors that affect male and especially female fertility.

If you have been trying to conceive and now realize you need help, consulting with a Houston fertility clinic is a wise choice. The longer one waits the changes of conception decrease so don't wait-consult a Houston fertility clinic about IVF soon to start the process. They can tell you if IVF or other modern technologies are best to help you cure your infertility and have the healthy baby of your dreams!
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