Infantino Baby Carrier

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One of the best brands in the market when it comes to baby carriers is the Infantino baby carrier. The Infantino baby carrier is designed with both parent and child in mind, as this carrier is a stylish combination of advanced materials with padded structures that provide maximum support.

The Infantino baby carrier is based on ergonomic engineering that allows for even weight distribution that is ideal for both parent and child. The special padded straps can be adjusted using just one hand, and the design is such that when a child gets older, it can accommodate him or her at a "facing outward" position so as to explore the world around.

Unlike many other baby carriers, the Infantino baby carrier comes with a front pocket that is useful for storing smaller items such as things that the baby may need, or even a mobile phone, and other essentials for mom and dad. The materials are easy to maintain, machine washable, as well as easy to wipe clean with just soap and water.

For those who want their money to go a longer way, there is also the Infantino baby carrier that has six in one features. This type of carrier is adjustable in any which way you would like to be able to carry your baby. This features backpack option, front carrier option, face in or out, side hip carrier option, use in a car seat or a chair as this provides the necessary padding and support, a shopping cart, and the straps are removable for easy handling.

For smaller infants, there is also a special Infantino baby carrier called a sling carrier which basically wraps the baby up on a sling that is similar to an arm sling, and provides that close connection between parent and child whether the baby is awake or asleep.

Infantino baby carriers have available adjustments to make the front seater carriers into side seater carriers, to add more comfort for the parents who want their kids to ride straddled at the hip. This type of hip carrier version is good for older babies who are heavier and a little harder to carry situated at the front part of your body, as they usually come with extra foam padding for added comfort during long term use. The foam straps are adjustable and provide more support for the one shoulder strap weight. The buckling system makes it easy to clip the child in place securely without any hassle or fuss.

Any Infantino baby carrier model boasts of stylish designs for the fashion conscious souls, as well as durable material for easy use and maintenance. The designs are made to be adjustable to fit baby as he or she grows, and also made to adjust to each parent, whether it be mom or dad who will be carrying the baby around

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