Indoor Tanning Lotions Best Secrets

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Here are three of the best kept secrets for long-lasting results from an indoor tanning lotion. The first secret is to prepare your skin to accept the ingredients contained in the lotion. It is important for you to remove hair from all the areas of your body that you intend to tan. You can do this either by waxing or shaving. Choose a method that will not irritate your skin and one that you are comfortable with. After this you will need to exfoliate your skin. This is an important step as it will remove all the dead skin cells from your body and ensure a smooth surface for the tanning lotion to be rubbed onto. Not only is this step vital for long-lasting results but it will ensure that your tan is streak-free and natural-looking. If you plan on tanning often, then you should add exfoliation to your daily shower routine.

To exfoliate properly, it is recommended that you purchase a quality product similar to St. Ive's Apricot Scrub. It is very gentle and easy to use. However, if you choose not to purchase an exfoliant, you can also simply use a wash cloth or loofah, lather from a bar of soap, and use sugar or salt as a scrub. You should shower as you normally would before you exfoliate. Be sure to keep the water as warm as possible without irritating your skin. This will make your skin more supple and allow the scrub to remove your dead skin cells easily.

When you are ready to start exfoliating you should start with your legs first and then work your way upwards. Ideally you want to use circular motions with your washcloth or loofah to remove the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. This will allow the tanning lotion to penetrate the skin's surface. This results in an even and longer lasting tan. Be sure to spend extra time scrubbing rough surfaces on your skin, such as your knees and elbows.

When you're finished exfoliating, you should rinse the scrub off of your body. You do not want to leave any residue on your body that could prevent the indoor tanning lotion from working well. When drying your body, be sure to pat your skin gently with your towel. Do not rub the towel against your skin. This could lead to excessive drying of your skin. It is important for your skin to remain moist and supple.

You should apply your indoor tanning lotion in a circular pattern onto your skin. Using a circular pattern will allow you to get even coverage without any streaks. Next, take your towel and pat gently it against your knees and elbows. This prevents lotion build-up from occurring in those areas. It is also a good idea to pat the towel against your hair line as well. This will make your tan look more natural.

The very best indoor tanning lotions contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA). DHA will react with the cells on your skin's surface to change their color to a deeper brown. If you desire a tan that develops gradually over time, then you should look for a tanning lotion with erythrulose. Erythrulose works in the same manner as DHA but the reaction with your skin cells are not as speedy. Manufacturers of indoor tanning lotions are now combining these two ingredients to provide a longer lasting tan. You should also look for lotions that contain hemp for added moisture, natural botanical extracts, slimming and anti-aging formulas, and vitamins. Most good quality lotions will contain these ingredients.

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