Indoor Tanning Lotion - Should I Buy It?

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If you've ever visited a tanning salon then you have no doubt been offered a bottle of indoor tanning lotion by the salesperson. Using a high quality lotion is actually a very smart move.

There are so many indoor tanning lotions available today that it is overwhelming to say the least when trying to decide which one to use during your tanning session. There are dozens of brands and different types that you can choose from. The main types are bronzers, tingles and standard lotions. Standard lotions contain no tingle or bronzing ingredients. Some lotions you will find are a combination of bronzer and tingle formulas, but these aren't very common. You should ask at your salon as often they will give you a sample to try before you buy.

The tanning lotions you choose should also have at least a few additional ingredients in their formulas for skin moisturization and protection. Most good quality lotions are made with many extra ingredients as well and that is what actually sets one lotion apart from the other. When you checvk out the labels of lotions you will see things like hemp seed oil, anti-aging blends and skin firming compoundson most lotions. Some products are so advanced in their formulation that the price for a single bottle can reach over a hundred dollars. Whether or not you feel that it is worth it to spend that much on a bottle of lotion is a choice for you to make but one thing is for sure, if you go into a tanning bed and do not apply lotion to your skin you risk being burnt, getting an uneven tan and accelerating possible skin damage. You also risk ending up with a very dry skin if you do not use a moisturizer afterwards.

Bronzer lotions are probably the most popular indoor tanning lotions and they are marketed as the quickest way to a deep, dark tan - which is what most people want who go to a tanning salon. What sets them apart from the other types is their added ingredients. They are filled with ingredients that promote and accelerate the skin browning process. Their formulas work with the natural composition of your skin to give you an amazing dark color in a relatively short amount of time. If you use a bronzer tanning lotion during your tanning session you can expect to look noticeably darker in as little as two visits to the salon.

There are plenty of bronzer lotions on the market and also available at online stores at vastly discounted prices. Before you buy from your salon it is a good idea to check them out online.

The important thing here to remember is that tanning can expose you to health risks if you don't take the proper precautions - so it is very important that you protect and nourish your skin before and after a session by using a high quality indoor tanning lotion and a moisturiser afterwards.

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