Indoor Tanning Lotion - A Viable Option

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Many people are after that bronzed look which is obtained by spending hours and hours baking in the sun. Also most people have heard of the dire warnings from many health experts that warn of the associated risks of too many hours in the direct sunlight. Many of these effects only show up years after the exposure. But some of these effects can happen after only one bad sunburn.

Too much exposure to the sun can result in a dry skin and wrinkles. Although many young people claim not be worried about fine lines and wrinkles, most of them comment negatively when they see a person with lots of wrinkles. Little do these young people realize that they in their later years if they have too much exposure to the sun. A indoor tanning lotion can be the answer. These specially formulated lotions give an even, realistic looking tan without lying in the sun.

Skin cancer is another unfortunate effect of too much sun. Sun spots and moles are often visable on people that have had a high sun exposure rate. An indoor tanning lotion contains ingredients that moisturize and nourish the skin unlike the sun which will dry the skin out. In addition, these products are oil free and will not clog the skin's pores which tanning oil will likely do after repeated uses. Most good quality indoor tanning lotions contain ingredients which moisturize the skin. Even so, applying a moisturizer afterwards is a good idea.

When tanning lotions first came onto the market the indoor lotions sometimes produced unwanted streaking or color changes. Orange hands were a common sign in the beginning. Some products were short lived and required frequent applications. Others were heavy in oils and irritated the skin of some people.

The indoor tanning lotion products of today, however, are totally different. Manufacturers have made huge advances in the production of lotions. They took all of the concerns and problems and addressed them with a solid product that delivers a smooth golden glow without the harmful rays of the sun. The color that is delivered by a good quality indoor tanning lotion is a beautiful golden brown. They are made with added ingredients that are designed to be kind to your skin and be beneficial.

Indoor tanning lotions are not designed to be used outdoors as they contain no SPF and might cause you to burn.

Using a good quality lotion will not only provide you with healthier skin, but indoor tanning lotions will also save you countless hours of sitting in the sun. The tan is consistant and even. Usually the time spent in a tanning bed is no more than 30 minutes. This is a good return considering how long you would need to lie in the sun to achieve a good tan.

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