Indian SMEs taking to ‘green’ technologies

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Growing awareness of the advantages associated with adoption of ‘green' practices is encouraging majority of SMEs in India to increasingly take to eco-friendly technologies. However, it is not only environmental concerns but also several other factors that are prompting small companies to go green.

Real benefits of adopting green technologies

Earlier small businesses used to think that going green is just another passing fad, but now the perception is gradually changing. Given that adopting environment-friendly modes of production carry real benefits of helping an organisation to reduce overhead costs, increase efficiency and reduce waste, SMEs are willingly adopting green manufacturing technologies.

"Installing clean and energy-saving equipment will help SMEs to cut overheads, reduce fuel consumption for lighting and heating and also enable them to cut down on waste," said Ankur Gupta, director of Navjyoti, a small-sized power equipment firm in Jaipur.

An increasing number of small enterprises are going green not only because it is turning out to be a more cost-effective measure but also to fulfil their corporate social responsibility (CSR) and enhance their business reputation.

"Companies that make investments in green technologies and support environmental issues can publicise their efforts and gain a marketing advantage as well as build relation with other green companies and clients by sharing their internal green computing practices," said S Thakkar, proprietor of K Shah and Brothers, a small-sized engineering firm in Ahmedabad.

Treading the green path certainly holds more benefit for SMEs not only in terms of giving them a competitive edge, whether marketing wise or on the cost-saving front, but also helps in paving the way for cleaner and greener environment for future entrepreneurs.

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