Indian Film Industry - The near Future

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There is a clear cut relation between demand and supply. The same is the case with one of the most glamorous industries of the globe, the Indian Film Industry.

The industry has undergone a plethora of changes over the last century or so and continues to evolve. The thing worth noting is that the changes are not only at macro level but at the micro level too. The whole set up is undergoing a holistic change and one can expect some really good quality products from various film production houses.

The industry being the largest in terms of volumes of films produced is indeed undergoing a mutation. The average consumer is asking for more variety and keeping with the demand, the industry has started traveling on uncharted domains. Once known for their gimmick flicks and illogical story line, the whole genre of Indian movies are transforming into something much more substantial. With a keen eye, if anyone prods the movies and content being released over the last couple of years, one can easily note the difference between the qualities being presented in front of the audience.

The changes are not only in terms of better graphics and other stuff but move beyond that into better story lines and punches. Not surprisingly, movies which were once restricted to the Indian subcontinent are finding humongous takers across the world. Movies which were local in character are now mutating into entities having universal appeal.

A noted film star was seen commenting that people abroad mocking the Indian Film Industry are going to have their boots in their mouth in the decades to come. Indeed his prophesy is coming true and with the current scenario prevailing, it is but obvious that a movie buff is in for a treat.

Another aspect undergoing a marked change is the resurgence of actors that may or may not be good looking but are very fine actors in themselves indeed. Konkana Sharma, Rani Mukherjee and quite a few have their own fan following and have carved a separated niche for themselves over time. The fact remains to be seen that how much more this trend develops. The proclivity is not only in lead roles rather side actors are also gaining in terms of more gravity regarding acting. Actors such as Boman Irani and others are in the league of their own.

A crucial factor that is determining the industry these days is not only how a movie is made but actually much more than that and a movie does not actually finish with last shoot itself. A movie these days is publicized by lead actors and other casts. Reality shows have become a platform to publicize movies on small screen. Teasers of movies are actually rolled out on the web to create an overall image and a feeling of euphoria regarding the whole movie. In fact how well a movie is publicized these days goes a long way as to how it ends up.

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