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These days a lot of web portals have been developed which cater to the tastes of the artistically inclined. The art collectors get the opportunity to upload the images of their art collection consisting of Indian artworks or otherwise. Indian contemporary art has got a great new medium for their promotion which would never have been possible with traditional methods like organizing an art exhibition. Those who maintain these websites provide make it easier for art collectors and artists to exchange each other's work or buy from their collection. If it is found that the art work is already bought, the artist or art collectors can drop a comment or two of appreciation.
The main service of the art portal is to maintain an inventory of original artworks in various styles like modern art, Contemporary Indian art, and traditional Indian art forms like Madhubani painting, Batik, miniature, Tanjore or the palm leaf paintings and also pencil art works. Besides this, they also need to offer some facilities which make for ease in the business aspect of the artworks. The commission charged for sale and purchase of paintings through the websites need to be at a minimum. The artists and art collectors if the commission charged on the resale of their works was even lesser.

An innovative features called customized painting allows anyone to submit an image of their choice to be painted by one of the artists in a particular genre, style or subject. You can also get your portrait done. The art collectors are assured of the authenticity of the particular art work by an Authenticity Certificate duly signed by the artist. The various categories of art that are displayed on some of the art portals are vintage art, wild life art, impressionist art, landscape art, fantasy art, pop art, abstract art, still life art besides various collection of art forms.
Even the very basic convenience that the art promotional websites give which is sorting of the Indian artworks based on headings like art styles, artists, price, subject or palette allows the artists and art collectors to decide upon what to buy with a much more informed decision making. All those looking to buy Indian art should seriously consider browsing through some of the specimens on display online. The reputed online companies make it so much easy that it is unwise to not visit them for this purpose.

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