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Art collectors have the wonderful option these days of browsing through all sorts of artworks on the commercial art websites. Modern Indian art, Indian contemporary Art, Traditional art, custom painting or any type of Indian art collection is available in many varieties on the art promotional websites.
The various collection of art include oil painting, watercolor painting, acrylic painting, landscape painting, etc. These websites having the myriad Indian art collection on display for sale are of service to artists and art collectors alike. Especially the budding artists looking to make a mark in their profession have the great advantage of accessing the market of art lovers throughout the world. If their art is appreciated enough by someone in any corner of the world, they can order it online and get it delivered in their home or specified address.
This brings us to the task of shipping of paintings. A specimen of Indian art collection is shipped with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. The buyer of the art work is charged the price of the painting and a nominal service charge. After receiving the payment from the art collector, the payment to artist is withheld until the art work is received by him.

From Indian contemporary art to traditional art, all categories of art works are on display on some prominent promotional websites. They cater to senior and popular artists as well as the budding talents. The budding talented artists can save the costs associated with the hiring of an art gallery or organizing of an art exhibition. They also have some business proposals such for becoming their affiliate scheme or referral proposal.
The paintings or other art works like sculpture could not have found a better medium for their promotion. It is not all about business in these websites. The art lovers and artists can take a peek at the various forms of art works that are being produced in the contemporary times. Indian contemporary art and modern Indian art are two fields in which there is a lot of vibrancy these days and web portals promoting them have had a significant role in that. The artists or art lovers can drop a comment in appreciation of the art work that they liked even if they do not want to purchase it right away or if it has been taken. In this way, the promotion of Indian art collection through online medium is doing it a great service.

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