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Politics Articles

23rd February 2011

Catch 22 and Beuracracy a Kafka Short Story

This is a Kafka type Short Story about Catch 22 and Beuracracy. Once upon a time, at Czech Secretariat Bureau in Prague, Czechoslovakia, a Czech woman named Anna Havelka, was trying to get a Visa to visit a cousin in Bavaria, West Germany. After sta...

22nd February 2011

President Obama Commits Sedition Over ObamaCare

President Obama Sedition Continues - ObamaCare Ruled Unconstitutional by Delwyn Lounbury - THE DEFLATION GURU President Obama sedition continues over the ObamaCare unconstitutional ruling and his refusal to furnish a birth certificate and proof that...

21st February 2011

Muslim Brotherhood’s Jihad on Great Lakes Nuclear Waste Shipping

The past exists only in our memories and the future exists only in our imaginations. The only time that exists is now. Discuss. According to this theory the future does not exist. Yesterday today existed only in our imaginations. In other words yeste...

21st February 2011

How To Save Health Care

Saving Health Care in this country Has Become a bit controversial. i think i have found away to make it cheaper and everyone is cover. They Say the insurance company's are the problem.Well maybe they are .it Don't help That The Hospitals Charges 15.00$ fo...

21st February 2011

Corporate Security Services in Developing Countries–India Case Example

Security is a catch all term for a growing and diverse range of skills, services, products and affects. The spectrum has grown from just physical to include online, travel, financial, environmental, brand, personal, technical and much, much more. The prob...

18th February 2011

Trusted Internet ID Obama’s top priority

The Obama administration is currently working on a scheme that will make a cyberspace utopia where financial transactions and exchanges of information are conducted in a secure environment. United State Commerce Secretary Gary Locke has revealed plans...

18th February 2011

Infiltrating Egypt 5

Egypt had a very public argument with Hezbollah recently. In April it arrested 49 Hezbollah agents for espionage and planning hostile operations. A government-controlled newspaper even called Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah a “monkey sheikh.”...

18th February 2011

Ex Prime Minister Blair Criticised Over War Decisions From A Sofa Government

Two previous chiefs of the UK civil service have stated before the Chilcot Iraq inquiry that Tony Blair took the UK to war in Iraq with out the approval of his cabinet. Both Lord Turnbull and Lord Wilson of Dinton totally refuted the claims made by ex ...

17th February 2011

A Look into Congress Insider Trading

Since the 1960s, stock or commodity trading using insider information has been deemed illegal. However, as was revealed in a recent study by the Social Science Research Network, members of Congress has been for a long time using their access to private co...

17th February 2011

Better Late than Never - Sir Richard!

Speaking Out At long last Sir Richard Lambert, retiring DG of the CBI, has found the courage to speak out against the Coalition Government’s failure to address the UK’s main growth engine - our Small & Medium Enterprises (SME’s). Localism Agenda is ‘D...

17th February 2011

The Coalition Government’s ‘Localism Bill’

Planning for Development? Town and Country Planning, Spatial Planning, Environmental Planning, or whatever you may wish to call it, is at the heart of the debate over House Prices, Affordable Homes, and the number of houses being built. No Land – No ...

16th February 2011

Pardons and Waivers Ensure a Safe Entry to the US

Its the duty of every nation to safeguard and protect its denizens. Nowadays, safety has been a big question and therefore nations are taking necessary steps for assuring protection of people. The governments of most of the nations are laying a good numbe...

15th February 2011

Tata Tea Jaago Re- Voter Registration Campaign

Jaago Re! is a non-partisan national campaign launched by Tata Tea, to awaken and enable the citizens of India, especially the youth, to register for voting. Its mission is to register everyone in India to vote in the next 5 years, for better governance. ...

15th February 2011

Pay For Results With Performance Advertising

Performance advertising is a type of online advertising which requires advertisers to pay for performance. The marketing agency receives payment from an advertiser for new customers or leads that are generated through the agency's efforts, whether through...

14th February 2011

Why Gerrymandering Should be Scrapped

Gerrymandering refers to the attempt to establish political boundaries that will favor a specific group or interest. Districts that benefit a political group often result in the incumbent being re-elected, or having served in the same position for many ye...