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Have you just discovered the next big star of the literary world? Just finished the latest "must read" novel and want to share your opinion? Maybe you'd like to steer people away from the hyped-up author of the moment and recommend something a little different? Then this is the place to share all your thoughts about books, authors and literature.

A good book can really capture our imaginations. It can transport us to another world and give us a taste of another life. It can stay with us throughout our lives, conjuring powerful emotions and opinions that can sometimes change our whole perspectives.

But what is genius to one reader can be nonsense to another and it's not always easy to find unbiased reviews or avoid the, perhaps undeserving, media attention a book or author might get.

We all know the best-seller list doesn't always reflect quality writing, and what's popular isn't necessarily good. So why not write a review of a book you think is really worth the read. Let other bookworms know what's really good and what's just enjoying its 15 minutes of fame.

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01st June 2011

Greatest Self Help Publications - Piece A person

In simple fact the woman good friend that I have now is because of reading the ebook. There is a further amazing fact about this book and that is the material of this guide. There are a amount of guides that are long and tedious to read through due to the...

31st May 2011

The Benefits and Convenience of Audio Books Online

Audio books online have a plethora of benefits for the readers. It is only when you purchase an audio book online that you get to see why book lovers prefer audio books. Those who have already downloaded an audio book online know just how pleasurable and ...

27th May 2011

Book Review - The Adventures of Bella & Harry: Let's Visit Paris

About the Book The Adventures of Bella and Harry is a picture book series that chronicles the escapades of a pup named Bella, her little brother Harry and their family, who travel the world exploring the sights and sounds of new, exciting cities. Traveli...

27th May 2011

Online shopping in India – The Indian online shopping trend

With the internet boom and technological advancement, the world is all operating online today. India being a chief IT player is stepping ahead keeping at pace with the global standards. Online downloads, browsing and online transactions has taken a leap i...

26th May 2011

The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior: Review Of A Must Read Book

I'm not sure what Ebert and Roeper had to say about this movie however I'm here to inform you it's one which should not be missed. I consider what The Secret has achieved for inspirational documentaries The Peaceable Warrior will do for inspirational dram...

26th May 2011

The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior: Honest Review Of A Live Changing Book

Here's a simple approach to start getting the information that you must begin rising your business. Being in the moment is one in every of many enlightened messages within the film, The Approach of the Peaceable Warrior. It was one the primary books on...

26th May 2011

Forgiveness is a choice that can energize a fatigued life.

Bible ForgivenessBible Forgiveness, Forgiveness in the Bible, Forgiveness Bible, Bible and ForgivBible forgiveness begins with God, the ultimate forgiver. God is enjoy and without really like, Bible forgiveness is out of the question for us to attain on ...

26th May 2011

Apocalypse 2012 Ebook Study the End of the Earth In between the Lines

In finding out about the nearing activities that could quite possibly imply to be the "end of the earth", studying an Apocalypse 2012 Guide would absolutely offer a whole lot of details and a greater knowing of this phenomenon. A cosmic catastrophe in whi...

25th May 2011

How to Profit On the web With Free of charge Net Advertising EBooks

Several folks in the world-wide-web advertising and marketing entire world are not knowledgeable that you can give away one thing free of charge in order to generate a revenue. These days, there are fairly a several internet marketers that are finding out...

24th May 2011

Memoir on Hospice Receives 5th Major Award in Two years

(1888PressRelease) Lessons for the Living: Stories of Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Courage at the End of Life, is a transformational memoir of a very proper professor with prostate cancer who becomes a compassionate caregiver, and for eight years serves th...

23rd May 2011

Benefits of Reading Novels

Books are known as best friends of human beings for centuries, as they are capable of providing us support, joy, historical information and other important details, whenever required. Nowadays, we can get the reading material on almost every subject based...

19th May 2011

Book Assessments and Appraisals

It’s one thing to read up on how to prepare and submit a book to literary agents and publishers. There’s plenty of advice around, for those prepared to look. And most publishing companies and literary agencies spell out their precise preferences online an...

19th May 2011

Lifelong Learn Supplements Educators With Childhood Development Books

Reading is an integral part of our lives. As children we read to develop a variety of skills from language, creative thinking, and to learn about the people and cultures in the world around us. As adults reading to children is a fantastic bonding experien...

19th May 2011

How Stock Trading Free eBooks can be Useful for Traders?

The business of stock market is quite uncertain in which the trader has to stock through a financial institution or some other organization that lends money. Technological advancements have made the business of stock trading a lot easier than the past. Mo...

18th May 2011

Books for Children– dealing with disaster.

Books for children aren’t all about fluffy bunnies and best friends. Yes the preschool group need a simple format to first engage them with reading but they soon progress to much more sophisticated themes as their own awareness opens to the wider world. B...