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Politics Articles

04th March 2011

We need a Green Budget: Business leaders urge Osborne

With David Cameron’s announcement today that he wants to see all public services run by volunteers and private companies, it is becoming abundantly clear that we have here the most ideologically driven government of recent times. But why we ask – can’t th...

04th March 2011

A Fiscal Analysis of The Stanley Operates

The Appliance & Equipment industry is a relatively modest group of businesses which commands a whole lot of demand from other organizations. Large-cap leaders such as Black & Decker and Whirlpool make common merchandise not only for big companies, but for...

02nd March 2011

Who Released The Lockerbie Bomber?

One has to ask was the Labour administration complicit helping bring about the premature release of the lockerbie bomber? According to a dossier of previously classified documents which will be published today 7th February 2011 the previous Labour gove...

01st March 2011

Social media as a tool for protest

Internet services were reportedly restored in Egypt on Feb. 2 after being completely shut down for two days. Egyptian authorities unplugged the last Internet service provider (ISP) still operating Jan. 31 amid ongoing protests across the country. The othe...

01st March 2011

Malnutrition in India – Revealing and Disturbing Facts

India is a populous country wherein economic disparities exist on a massive scale. The widening gap between the have and have-nots and the rich and the poor has lead to a number of inequalities amongst which malnutrition takes the top position. In India a...

28th February 2011

Political Science Topics

Some of political science papers which students are required to complete include essays, research papers and thesis among others. Writing of political science papers is not easy simply because most of students are affected by the political situations. The...

28th February 2011

Custom Essay On Political Science

What constitutes for a custom essay writing services? Most students fail to get their online essay services such as political science papers and others simply because they have no idea of what an ideal online writing company should be. There are some basi...

28th February 2011

Cracking The Enigma Code In Bletchley

Cracking the Enigma Code is something that changed the course of the Second World War, shortening it by something like four years. Indeed, war historians believe that had the Enigma Code not been cracked, the outcome of the war would have been far from ce...

28th February 2011

Antelope Valley Hospital Board votes raise for Mathew Abraham, Hospital CEO

From: Antelope Valley Press, June 29, 2001 By Bob Wilson, Valley press Staff Writer Lancaster – Antelope Valley Hospital Board of Trustees voted unanimously to give the top administrator a 10% raise. The move will increase the total compensation of Hos...

26th February 2011

Can Obama Kill The Internet?

This quote is a great introduction to a concept that many try to pretend does not exist."Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."by John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, first Baron Acton (1834-190...

25th February 2011

Why Arab Democracy is Good for America.

We are currently witnessing an unprecedented shift in Arab politics that has caught the whole world, even the Egyptians themselves by surprise. The uprising and it's epi-center Tahrir Square (Liberation Square) is the Arab world's version of the fall of t...

25th February 2011

A New Egypt: Help Give Back to The Needy in Egypt

A new era has begun in Egypt today, with hopes for a better future for all of us. We still have a lot of work ahead, and with the great proactive spirit of the past few weeks, we know that it is very possible to keep helping others in need. Whether it’s c...

24th February 2011

US Congress Neglecting Duty on Military Study; Fairly Sickening In fact

The United States Congress and the congressman and females are as well hectic worrying about obtaining re-elected than the future of our nation and these politicians are weak and unable to get previous the linear assumed of politics. There is no explanati...

24th February 2011

The biography of Peter Orszag

Peter Orszag is a perfect example of America’s top politicians, economists and academics who have provided extraordinary benefits to US governmental administrations, as well as a number of bills. Orszag has a number of qualifications from various universi...

24th February 2011

If Mubarak Resigns, He Should Take Egypt’s Army With Him

As we await Hosni Mubarak's address to Egypt and whether he'll resign, another question looms: If he does, will it make much of a difference in a country where the army is a "ruling caste"? In Thursday's Opinion pages, Daniel Williams, a senior researcher...