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Politics Articles

11th April 2011

Bomb Blasting in World War II

The Atomic Bomb and the End of World War II Washington, D.C., August 5, 2005 - Sixty years ago this month, the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Soviet Union declared war on Japan, and the Japanese government surrendered t...

11th April 2011

Democracy Watch, 2011 - Issue 10

With Euro-2012 expenses threatening the already burdened economy, trade unions lobby for greater transparency in the markets. With the link between political authority and personal wealth clearly illustrated, Verkovna Rada raises allowances for Deputies. ...

10th April 2011

2011 Turkish Elections (2011 Secimleri): What’s Happening?

On the 12th of June 2011, the Turkey will be holding its 2011 elections (2011 secimleri). In 2010, the AK ruling party won, and this year’s election the said group will be participating in the said event. The early months of this year’s election, citizens...

06th April 2011

Peter Orszag: Outside of Work

Peter Orszag might be one of the most influential and leading economists in the world, but that doesn’t mean his whole life revolves around economics. Instead, Peter Orszag has healthy interests outside of his work and is regularly involved with a number ...

06th April 2011

What Reform We Can Bring to Curb Health Care Fraud!

What have we created in health care? A tower of Babel! While the market attempts to correct itself and U.S legislative and executive branch politicians most likely pursue their seventh attempt since 1927 and President Obama made his way to the presidency ...

06th April 2011

Influentials Network Aggrefiltering Illustrates Web 2.02s Most Important Skill

On your first glance at the Influentials Network home page, you won't see anything all that special. You'll see some links to blog items down the left-hand side labeled "Top Items", and some smaller links to the right labeled "New Item Finder". It look...

05th April 2011

Signs of Support in the 2011 Budget for Job Creation and Business

Copyright (c) 2011 Alison Withers Businesses struggling to keep costs under control in the aftermath of the 2008 Great Recession have received some relief from the announcements on fuel duties in the UK budget. Some of the measures announced by Chan...

04th April 2011

What Are The Origins of Socialism?

There is lot of confusion about the origins of socialism and how it came to be so pervasive across much of the world. This article will examine socialism as an ideology from its founders through to its interchangeable links with communism. Contrary to...

04th April 2011

Conservatives Defeat the Middle Class with Smoke and Mirrors

Wall Street bankers think they are entitled to $100 million bonuses. They think they are worth it because they have skewed the concentration of wealth in the United States. They are getting away with eating the face off the Middle Class, and few of them ...

30th March 2011

Civil Society and Political Accountability in India

The erstwhile President of United States, Bill Clinton once famously remarked that, “Politics is a Contact Sport” and in my view he was quite precise in his definition of modern-day politics. Having closely watched the movers and shakers in the corridors ...

29th March 2011

31 pattern recognition by the provincial government to lead the industry development

April 2, Hunan Provincial Government Information Office of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission invited the provincial economy and the Information Committee, the relevant provincial head of the Environmental Protection Department, the Hunan ec...

29th March 2011

One Nation Under Debt

Copyright (c) 2011 Scott F Paradis In light of our burgeoning national debt and impending financial catastrophe, Robert E. Wright points out that without "the debt", what we know as the United States would likely not exist. During and after the revolut...

28th March 2011

Write a note on the recent changes in RBI’s monetary policy

RECENT CHANGES IN RBI’S MONETARY POLICY. *Introduction: ~The Reserve Bank Of India is the country’s apex bank and it controls and supervises the country’s monetary and banking structure. ~ The RBI’s monetary policy influences the financial markets of t...

22nd March 2011

Politics The Ugliest Fascination on Earth

No make any difference exactly where you stay, politics most likely plays a component in your day to day lifestyle. You may well not instantly deal with political troubles, but you can be confident that politics plays a aspect in what you do! Regardless o...

16th March 2011

Who Is Ed Balls The New Labour Party Shadow Chancellor?

What does the public know about the new Labour shadow chancellor Ed Balls who has taken over from Alan Johnson who rather sadly left the Labour front bench over what he said were 'personal issues'. However we do know that Ed Balls was not the initial c...