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Have you just discovered the next big star of the literary world? Just finished the latest "must read" novel and want to share your opinion? Maybe you'd like to steer people away from the hyped-up author of the moment and recommend something a little different? Then this is the place to share all your thoughts about books, authors and literature.

A good book can really capture our imaginations. It can transport us to another world and give us a taste of another life. It can stay with us throughout our lives, conjuring powerful emotions and opinions that can sometimes change our whole perspectives.

But what is genius to one reader can be nonsense to another and it's not always easy to find unbiased reviews or avoid the, perhaps undeserving, media attention a book or author might get.

We all know the best-seller list doesn't always reflect quality writing, and what's popular isn't necessarily good. So why not write a review of a book you think is really worth the read. Let other bookworms know what's really good and what's just enjoying its 15 minutes of fame.

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07th September 2011

Which Books Did Written By J.K. Rowling?

Writing Life of J.K. Rowling The writing life of J.K. Rowling began in 1995 when Rowling finished her first manuscript for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on an old manual typewriter. The book was then passed on to12 publishing houses and got ...

23rd August 2011

Enjoy Audio Books Without Reading

It can be quiet hard and uneasy to convince others to read the audio books, means to listen the audio books (practically). Although, when you do it, you are not doing anything different as compared to reading with your eyes. You are only substituting your...

23rd August 2011

The World of Fiction Books

The world of books carries the grace to provide one an enriching knowledgeable experience. This world takes one to undefined yet exciting destinations where one is acquainted with different characters and situations, with which they can identify themselve...

22nd August 2011

Winning In The Cash Flow Business E-book Review: Know The True Behind Thi Awesome Book

Winning in the Cash Flow Business, a program designed by Russ Dalbey seems on late night time infomercials nightly. I first stumbled throughout this business a bit of over a 12 months in the past and almost pulled the trigger on it, as at the time I used ...

17th August 2011

Winning In The Cash Flow Business E book Review: A Nice E-book To Read

I wish I might say my assessment of Russ Dalbey's "Successful in the Money Stream Business" came from investigating different folks's experiences with the program. Sadly, I saw his infomercial in the midst of the night time, I could not sleep, and, being ...

17th August 2011

The Roaring Twenties - A Time of Change and Independence!

The “Roaring Twenties” was a new decade of independent women, when they raised their hemlines and bobbed their hair. This new hairstyle brought about a lot of commotion. If a woman bobbed her hair, she was fired from her job. A teacher in Jersey City was ...

16th August 2011

Winning In The Cash Flow Business Guide Review: Real Property Trues You Should Know Earlier than Buy

Quick Evaluation - Should you didn't learn half 1 of this sequence, here is a temporary abstract: Russ Dalbey is a multi-millionaire and the CEO of the Dalbey Training Institute. He's additionally a world file-holding cyclist. Russ Dalbey has dedicated hi...

16th August 2011

Winning In The Cash Flow Business Book: A Nice Book To Read

Winning in the Money Circulate Enterprise, a program designed by Russ Dalbey seems on late night infomercials nightly. I first stumbled throughout this business somewhat over a 12 months in the past and almost pulled the set off on it, as at the time I us...

16th August 2011

Top 10 Greatest Romance Novels of all Time

Best Romantic Novels of all time you asked? Have you read Ashita? No, when will you? This book is unlike any literature, romance or spiritual novels which are dim-a-dozen in grocery stores and Barns-&-Nobles. So many redundant stories I have read, so m...

12th August 2011

How to Practice Home Massage Techniques When Pregnant

More and more women are turning to alternative treatments for the aches and pains associated with pregnancy. This is largely thanks to a growing knowledge base, which tells us that alternative treatments are safer, for you and your baby. Home massage ...

02nd August 2011

Peaceful Warrior Book: Summary Of A Live Changing Book

Here's a easy strategy to start getting the knowledge you need to begin rising your business. This movie actually was launched in very restricted viewing areas a while ago however by no means at a location near me. So I waited and watched for it truly ...

27th July 2011

The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior: Review Of A Should Read Book

Here's a easy option to begin getting the data you could start growing your business. Being within the moment is one in all many enlightened messages within the film, The Approach of the Peaceful Warrior. It was one the primary books on non secular dev...

26th July 2011

Glenn Beck Books - All You Need to Know

Glenn Beck has restored faith in the Founders of our nation (restoring courage in israel tour). A copy of his pamphlet is included in the book. Glenn Beck compares that crucial time in history to the erosion of our freedoms today. His narrative is a remin...

25th July 2011

Enginemates Heat Transfer Pvt Ltd – Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

Enginemates Heat Transfer Pvt Ltd caters to various industrial sectors like refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants etc. Enginemates has excelled in the domain of offering complete heat transferring solutions. Our immaculate range of products inclu...

20th July 2011

Kresley Cole and her Bestselling Novels

Kresley Cole is a well-known name in the literary circle of critics, authors and readers- her well-written bestselling novels have often claimed positions on the bestseller lists. Background of Cole Kresley Cole is a talented award-winning author ...