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Politics Articles

10th May 2011

The 2012 Elections and the ‘Twenty Million Factor’

John McCain was beat by approximately twenty million voters in the 2008 election. Are those voters going to vote for Barack Obama again? If they do, the hardest question of all to answer is: why? We now have a clear Obama track record and plenty of bac...

05th May 2011

A Political Strategy For Conservatives

Former NFL coach of the NY Jets Herm Edwards uttered the words "You play to win the game" at a press conference in response to a question about the Jets playing "not to lose" rather than aggressively playing to win. The Edwards quote is funny in the way h...

05th May 2011

Scotland Goes To The Polls - Politics With A Tartan Twist

On May 5th Scots will be voting twice, for the party they want to govern at Holyrood and, alongside the rest of the country on whether they want the voting system to shift to an Alternative Vote. What's happening in Scotland has taken on a greater sign...

04th May 2011

Civil Aerospace to Drive the Global Aerospace Market

The global aerospace industry has witnessed an impressive growth during the past few years, with civil aviation segment emerging as the major contributor towards the growth of the industry. The US and European countries have been the dominant markets of t...

04th May 2011

Portugals Crisis - A New Crisis for the Euro Currency ?

Portugal's parliament rejected a new government austerity plan Wednesday, spurring the resignation of Prime Minister José Sócrates and setting off a brand new section in Europe's sovereign-debt crisis. Portugal's Prime Minister Jose Socrates, left, g...

04th May 2011

Portugals Disaster - A New Crisis for the Euro Currency ?

Portugal's parliament rejected a new government austerity plan Wednesday, spurring the resignation of Prime Minister José Sócrates and setting off a new part in Europe's sovereign-debt crisis. Portugal's Prime Minister Jose Socrates, left, gestures b...

04th May 2011

Why Donald Trump Must Run For President

Our Government has now grown too large and too complex for any “politician” to manage.  As we have seen for a long time now, our Presidents just can’t seem to handle all the problems that our country has been facing. That’s because America’s major pro...

03rd May 2011

Reflections On The US National Debt. Will We Do What It Takes To Shrink It?

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant So, President Obama's bipartisan deficit commission headed by former Wyoming Senator Alan K. Simpson (R) and former Clinton Chief of Staff Erskine B. Bowles (D) has issued its preliminary report. It is a stark, sobering document....

03rd May 2011

Abdicate? Not A Chance. Here's Why Charles Will Reign When His Time Comes.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant The engagement of Prince William of Wales and the comely commoner Kate Middleton has caused a long simmering question to flare up again. Will Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, stand down in favor of the lovely couple? Those who a...

26th April 2011

Be Updated With Latest News

In India people always be updated with every kind of news with the help of media. Hundred of TV news channels are present here to deliver every type of India news. A competition is there between these channels to make the people aware about the news. Thes...

20th April 2011

Can African Union broker a Libya peace plan?

(CNN) -- The African Premier MLB Jerseys Union has emerged as a potential peace broker in Libya after it persuaded Moammar Gadhafi to agree to a mediation plan, but analysts say the body is unlikely to succeed unless it can overcome diplomatic disarray an...

18th April 2011

It's Not About Jobs

Copyright (c) 2011 Scott F Paradis With government reported unemployment hovering around nine percent and the real unemployment rate much higher, those with constituencies to please are talking off a script intent to create jobs. Along a commuter route...

15th April 2011

Government Shutdown to Impact GSA

April 8, 2011 GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN TO IMPACT GSA The Government Shutdown of 2011 is certain to have a major impact on the General Services Administration (GSA) and we sat down to discuss this unique situation with Kevin Chace, President of Nu Cen-tur...

14th April 2011

Eurozone and the Spirit of Charlemagne 5

Just as German elites bullied Europe into accepting a single currency, they are achieving, by the same process, a fiscal union on the Continent. The end result is that Berlin will ultimately control currency, interest rates and taxation Europe-wide. At th...

12th April 2011

Tough Standards

New York Times reported that German banks are getting in critical condition. Why? It has also been conveyed that authorities of German institutions calculate the trouble that high standards for funds would bring to meet their requirements. Tough Stand...