In our hectic world, communication is more important than ever. We need to be able to connect with people immediately and fortunately, in our age of technology, we have more ways of staying in touch than ever before.
The advent of the mobile phone industry has had a major impact on the way we communicate, as has the rise in popularity of internet chat services such as MSN and Yahoo; we can be connected to the people in our lives at the simple touch of a button.

With such a huge selection of the latest communication devices it's easy to get overwhelmed and can seem impossible to find the right product to best suit our needs.

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Communications Articles

25th June 2015

Tips To Choose the Best MAM Solution for Your Business

For deploying a successful mobility culture in the enterprise, business owners have to consider a number of elements like the mobile devices, applications, expenses, management, policies and terms of usage. Amidst all, Mobile Access Management (MAM) plays...

25th June 2015

The Empowered Woman: Part 1

“I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was to fulfill my profession, which I entered before my husband, was in public life.” - Hillary Clinton Modern women struggle with multiple roles and responsi...

25th June 2015

It's Everybody's Business

You’re probably looking at the title with skepticism and wondering how is everything in this world sales? That can’t be right! Bear with me a minute while I explain. Think about the decisions we make every day and our reasons for doing what we do. Some...

25th June 2015


We’re all told not to judge a book by it’s cover but we can’t help doing it anyway! In fact, we all form judgments within two to thirty seconds of meeting someone for the first time. Sure, we do change our minds as we get to know them but all these change...

18th June 2015

Types of websites that may require dedicated hosting

Often there is a difficult decision to be made as to the type of web hosting required for a website. The main decision here is whether to opt for shared hosting or dedicated hosting. This articles looks into some of the factors and type of websites that m...

18th June 2015

How HTML5 Scores over Native Apps for Building Enterprise Apps

The advent of smart phones and other smart devices like tablets, phablets has initiated an unquenchable craze for mobiles apps and mobility across business owners as well. In earlier times, the mobile app development was possible by cresting an app on the...

18th June 2015

Use Mobile Apps to Minimize Employee Training Hassles

The issue of employee training is enough for a business owner to spend 3-4 sleepless nights before the big day. The biggest challenge is to arrange a training co-ordinator who is ready to take this daunting task, as he has to herd his trainees and push th...

18th June 2015

How to Manage Third Party Apps in an Enterprise Network

A few weeks back, I was in the US for a business meeting and happened to participate in the panel that was discussing about how enterprises can regulate the entry of third party apps and mobile devices in their corporate network. I believe this was the ri...

18th June 2015

Understanding of Cloud Usage and Creating Data Security Policy to Avoid Risk

Understand Your Cloud Usage and Exposure “Check this box to agree to the terms and conditions of this website/app/service.”No doubt you’ve seen this countless times, but do you read the 30-page terms and conditions every time you sign up for a new clou...

18th June 2015

Is Low Cost iPhone in the Pipeline of Apple Developers?

There are many benefits that users can derive from their smart phones apart from just making calls, sending texts and clicking the images. These benefits incorporate features ranging from listening music to accessing mobile apps and you can seek many more...

18th June 2015

Importance of Mobile App Testing for Enterprises

While reading an e-journal few days back, I came across something very interesting. It said that in a few years for now, we would witness pilot-less airplanes carrying passengers across the globe. We have already experienced how Drone fighter planes have ...

18th June 2015

Does Size Matter? Question Prevails in Mobile Apps World Also

There is no doubt about the bouquet of advantages that a business owner receives by implementing mobility in his workplace. The trend of mobile apps has increased mobility, connectivity, coordination and lastly, employee's productivity. However, experts s...

18th June 2015

Step-By-Step Setup of Cloud Computing

As a business owner, you must have heard about the benefits that cloud computing concept bestows on businesses. They would be certainly alluring you to adopt cloud computing and there is no doubt that this could be a turning point for your business. Howev...

18th June 2015

8 Steps to Start your own Small Business (and be profitable)

Let’s face it- we all wanna be our own boss. I mean, we all wanna invest our time and energies working towards ‘our’ ideal dreams of making a gazillion dollars, living the high life and not having to report to work on time, or salivate like Pavlov’s dogs ...

18th June 2015

Issues Surrounding Enterprise Apps Submission in an App Store

We all are fully aware of the fact that smart phones and mobile apps rule our current the human race. More than half of US population now owns a smart phone. In terms of business sector, combination of smart phones and BYOD has led 30 percent of mobile se...