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Politics Articles

16th November 2011

Democracy Watch, 2011 - Issue 24

Ukraine’s political direction and business regulations are failing to attract investment, causing drops on nearly every international rating and lining the pockets of corporate raiders. Rather than fight the decline the government opts to impose new restr...

28th October 2011

We must stop the abuse and protect the rights of people. Why do we allow bad things happen

(1888PressRelease) Is responsibility of every, and each one of us, not to be in silence when we see abuses and lack of justice with defenseless people: elderly, citizens with needs, and I would also like to mention "undocumented people"; people like us, w...

07th October 2011

Germany Abstains From Libyan Air Strikes

On a per capita basis, no country sent more Islamic extremists into Iraq to kill Americans than Libya-and almost all of these extremists came from eastern Libya, the center of the anti-Qadhafi rebellion. This fact make it all the more strange that the Uni...

03rd October 2011

Will Obama Be Re-elected

A lot of people are asking will Obama be re-elected in 2012? This really is going to become a hotly contested subject until finally the 2012 elections. Several liberals adore the work he has completed in the country over the last couple of many years, ...

26th September 2011

2012 Republican Presidential Candidates – Who Is Going to Win the Nomination

The 2012 Republican presidential candidates are gearing up for the Republican primaries in early 2012. It will not be too much longer before we all know who is going to oppose Barack Obama for the 2012 Presidential election. Many candidates have thrown ...

07th September 2011

Will Obama Be Anything More Than a One-Term President

America is on the bleak, the economy is still sluggish , and the politicians are still bickering back and forth at each other,desperately trying to figure out, what can they do to fix this economic crisis were experiencing.In the not so distant future his...

05th September 2011

Conservatives for Michelle Bachmann – What Does She Believe

Conservatives for Michelle Bachmann are hoping that she can win the presidential nomination for the GOP in 2012. Based on the recent polling numbers, it looks like she has a good chance to become the Republican nominee. Most people are just now learning...

08th July 2011

Afghanistan 2014: is retreat of Western soldiers feasible?

by Michael Orfanos The removal of Bin Laden from the internationasl scene concentrates all spotlights to the NATO deadline of 2014, when it is agreed that all NATO forces will retreat from the country leaving the enforcement of Law and Order to the new...

08th July 2011

BARAK OBAMA: in search of the Jeffersonian legacy?

By Michael Orfanos Few days ago, President Obama’s speech on the Middle East took by surprise foreign analysts, diplomats and foreign governments, due to its highly ideological and ethical context, pressuring Middle East countries, participating in the...

30th June 2011

Watching Westminster - Calm down and carry on

Making changes quickly and without upset is easier said than done.WE ARE BEGINNING to get a feel for how this government handles pressure. Plans rarely turn out the way they were meant to and David Cameron is seeing this first hand as he assesses his init...

30th June 2011

Corruption in Pakistan and Position of Judiciary

Previous year Pakistan was on 42nd position. The principal cause of corruption in Pakistan is that corruption is supported by leaders and politicians of country who are the most corrupt people of this nation. Our focus right here in this matter is to clar...

28th June 2011

Paul Chehade for US President 2012 - Election 2012 - Independent

(1888PressRelease) Paul Chehade - Independent for US President 2012. It is time for all proud Americans to return to our values, to the foundation of our nation. We have had enough of politics and partisan privileges. I am not a politician, not a milliona...

28th June 2011

Baba Ramdev Needs Instant Government Attention ……… Is Solution Inbuilt ?

Ahimsa Foundation ( www.jainsamaj.org ) appreciates Baba Ramdev for undertaking this challenge. Baba Ramdev your mission is for the benefit of every citizen and also imperative to maintain national pride. We wish you great health & a very long life. Af...

27th June 2011

Save America

America is on the bleak, the economy is still sluggish , and the politicians are still bickering back and forth at each other,desperately trying to figure out, what they can do to fix this economic crisis were experiencing.In the not so distant future his...

27th June 2011

Why Isn't The Private Sector Creating Jobs Faster ?

What's the real solution for this economic crisis that we're experiencing? Where are the jobs? I guess we should ask this question of the Republicans because they are now the majority, in control of Congress. From day one the Republicans have tried to mak...