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Fertility Articles

15th June 2011

Fertility Tourism

Fertility or reproductive tourism is a form of medical tourism, but involves traveling to a foreign country for the sole purpose of fertility treatments. The treatment sought could be in-vitro fertilization (IVF), donor sperm insemination or the implanta...

14th June 2011

Abnormal Pap smear

Pap smear is a screening test that is carried out on the cervix to determine the risk of cancer. It may also be referred to as Pap test, papanicolau test, smear test or cervical smear. It is administered by gynecologists. An abnormal pap smear is a test t...

10th June 2011

Miracles’ Of Birth – Infertility Treatment

It is a Human, who wants to have children of its own. ”yes’ you can adopt and love a child as your own but wanting to conceive your own child is a different high. In today’s world, it is becoming more and more difficult for a woman to conceive. The factor...

09th June 2011

In the Beginning there was no Funding

One of the most famous births to take place in the world was that of Louise Brown, a baby girl who has grown now into a 38 years old woman. She was the first test tube baby, born as a result of in-vitro fertilization, a daring new technique to get women ...

03rd June 2011

Tired, Irritable And Obtaining Problems Trying To Conceive?

In point the medicines and solutions could possibly make you worse and sadly you will then be labeled as acquiring 'unexplained infertility'. You will be even additional depressed than you were when you started off out since you will have gone through so ...

31st May 2011

How Does Cancelling Of Financial debt Impact You?

This is a mutual agreement that can only be arrived at if the negotiations are carried out with care. Although some shoppers opt for to do it alone, the most of them want to employ a credit card debt settlement provider that would symbolize them in the ne...

27th May 2011

ovulation calculator - For a women to keep track of ovulation cycle

Free ovulation calculator helps people keep track of the whole system of egg release and it is indeed an essential aspect of the female genital tract. The process of ovulation is an important thing for all women and must be handled properly. This is the p...

25th May 2011

The Principles of In Vitro Fertilization

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection, genetic counseling and assisted hatching could assist to strengthen the chances of good results. Some even choose to freeze embryos for use in future cycles. This treatment also carries a greater good results charge than ...

19th May 2011

How To Beat The Stress In Pregnancy

Being pregnant is a very good experience for a Woman, and for a healthy baby is it very important for pregnant women that she should not put any stress on herself. Now days it is very important question that How to Beat the Stress during Pregnancy , so ...

18th May 2011

Common Causes of Infertility in Women

Infertility is medically recognized as a problem when couples are unable to conceive a child after trying for one year without success. Unfortunately, about fifteen percent of all couples will experience this problem with many being diagnosed with some fo...

18th May 2011

Fertility Assessments for Ladies You Can Pick From

If you feel that fertility assessments are only meant for females who are in their forties, then you are terribly wrong. In truth, studies of these days disclosed that the age bracket of females who get these fertility tests have become decrease than anti...

16th May 2011

How To Treat Infertility Naturally

Not everyone wants to have a baby or start a family. Some people are more comfortable being independent, some like to get married and stay as a couple without children and other people get married and would love to start a family but unfortunately, they a...

13th May 2011

Tips to Stay Away from Initial Infertility Denials

Here are some tips to help you maximize your ethical reimbursement for initial infertility: You may be persuaded to code for an initial infertility visit as an office visit, but this may not be the case. Often, a woman's primary-care physician will r...

09th May 2011

Factors to take into consideration when selecting a fertility clinic

An important aspect when opting to go in for a fertility treatment is finding the right clinic to undertake the procedure. A good fertility clinic provides a proficient staff and qualified doctors who carry out the operation. Most couples rightly base the...

06th May 2011

How To Get Pregnant - The Best Time to Conceive

Ask any woman you know, who is a mother, when the best time to get pregnant is and you will have many different answers. Is there a best time? The answer to that question lies inside each woman and the answer is as different as each woman is.Some women ha...