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15th July 2010

Obama Courts Latino Votes at Arizona's Expense

With Arizonans cringing in fear even hundreds of miles from the border from the aftermath of brutally murdered ranchers and border police, we might expect any other President to spring into action. We would not expect 1200 National Guardsmen to come down ...

14th July 2010

Every individual is the strength of this nation and we have to groom this strength : Rahul Gandhi

8 oct 2009 Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi while addressing an election rally at Panvel in Raigarha district of Maharashtra, appealed to vote for Congress-NCP alliance for the welfare of common man. He said that people of Maharashtra have two opt...

14th July 2010

The power of youth can change the things, it’s not as tough as you think : Rahul Gandhi

2 April 2007 "Rise above caste and religion, then only the society can develop. Future is in your hands, we are with you and we will work for you", said Rahul Gandhi, while addressing a corner meeting at Elite Chowk in Lalitpur. "The power of youth ca...

14th July 2010

UP elections are no semi-final or final, question is the development of UP

20 March 2007 , Moradabad(UP) The much successful three -day road show of Congress MP Rahul Gandhi came to an end on Tuesday. The road show not only bolstered the chances of Congress Party but also sent a positive signal in the party cadres. Wherever ...

14th July 2010

There is only one big issue in India and that issue is prevailing poverty says Rahul Gandhi

10 oct 2009, Ballabgarh(Haryana) Targetting lofty ideologies of opposition parties at an election rally in October 2009 in Haryana's Ballabgarh, Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi asserted that Congress talks of common man, while other political out...

13th July 2010

The Eagles Palace welcomes the Ukrainian president to Mount Athos

On June 6th and after meeting with the Greek president Karolos Papoulias in Athens, the head of the Ukrainian government, Mr. Viktor Yanukovych accompanied by 40 of his closest associates set off for a spiritual voyage to Mount Athos. Along with appro...

13th July 2010

Emergency Budget 2010 – Good news for contractors

Specialist contractor accountancy firm Danbro has said that the Emergency Budget unveiled by Chancellor George Osborne includes good news for contractors. Mr Osborne said the ‘tough but fair' new Budget, which includes a VAT increase FROM 17.5% to 20...

13th July 2010

When Male Ego Collides With Power: The psychological, social, wellness and economic consequences for

Michael Steele made some political comments this past week and was crucified, rightfully so for the partisan portion of his comments. Mr. Steele was not totally wrong. He was only wrong in his statement which suggests the war in Afghanistan is President O...

13th July 2010

Washington Talk

In 1796, James Madison, then a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, sounded a familiar warning: ''Our ordinary income is barely at a par with our ordinary expenditures and new taxes must be ready.'' Then as now, it was business as usual at Ways a...

12th July 2010

During floods in Bihar, your government did not play its role honestly : Rahul Gandhi

1 April 2009 Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi while addressing an election rally in Aurangabad said "The opposition parties don't even try to understand the real issues of the poor people. They are more interested in the stock market, privatizatio...

12th July 2010

I will stand by the last poor of my country says Rahul Gandhi

13 April 2009 Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi appealed to people of Kerala to strengthen the hands of Congress Party. Addressing a poll rally in Palakkad (Kerala), Mr. Gandhi said that Congress party has worked for the poor people of this country...

12th July 2010

We have shown to the rest of the world that we are capable of doing anything: Rahul Gandhi

17 April 2009 Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi while addressing a rally in Bangalore said that during the last five years India had progressed fast and Bangalore was the best example for it. He said that the growth of Karnataka and India has impac...

12th July 2010

India will shine only when every poor will shine : Rahul Gandhi

16 April 2009 Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi while addressing a rally in Machalipatnam(AP) said that the UPA government at Centre had done a lot for the Poor, Dalits and Backwards of this country. He said that his party will not say that India i...

12th July 2010

NDA is working for rich people while the UPA is concerned about poor people, this is the difference

28 April 2009 Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi while addressing his second rally in Gujarat at Limdi (Dahod) criticized the BJP government in the state and said that it had failed to protect the interests of poor people. He said, "We have sent cr...

12th July 2010

Rahul Gandhi urges youth for overall change to develop Bihar

PATNA, February 02, 2010. India belongs to all Indians and all parts of India are for all Indians, reiterated Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi and criticized narrow politics of vested interest groups in Mumbai. He was addressing media persons at...