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22nd July 2010


MONTAGE Voice Over starts 21 May 1991 Sri Perumbudur was rocked by a blast. Suicide attacker had succeeded in their evil motives. They snatched away Rajivji from us and the progressive movement of a developing nation was brought to a screeching halt. T...

21st July 2010

Petrobras Worst Essential oil Stock After BP as Politics Hurt Share Purchase

The benefit of the 5 billion barrels of reserves, which the govt plans to swap for new stock, will decide the sizing of the state-run company's planned write about purchase this year and may well signal the extent to which President Luiz Inacio Lula da Si...

21st July 2010

UK Migration Cap Updated

28 June 2010 It was confirmed today that the UK will be setting a new limit/cap on the numbers of foreign workers entering the UK.The idea is try and get migration numbers back to similar levels that were in the 1990's and this cap is one method that the ...

20th July 2010

U.K Facing Tight Budget Due To Damaged Economy

According to new research by IFS, our government need to find 90 billion pounds to balance out their budget. Britain is facing a huge debt crisis. This would end up costing each British family a huge £2,840 per year by 2017-18 in higher taxes or publ...

20th July 2010

The Exploratory Study of Constitutional Perspective of Women’s Right Relation To Equality

The Exploratory Study of Constitutional Perspective of Women's Right Relation To Equality ATIN KUMAR DAS, LL.M IInd YEAR, NATIONAL LAW INSTITUTE UNIVERSITY BHOPAL. INTRODUCTION Constitution is the fundamental legal document in a democratic society. Th...

19th July 2010

The power is in your hands, the day you will realize this, a change will take place :Priyanka Gandhi

23 April 2007 , Raebareli Brothers and Sisters, you all know the relation of my family with Rae Bareli. There was a time when Indiraji was your MP. Then for some years no one from my family contested from this seat. Then you supported Soniaji and she won...

19th July 2010

Rahul is like a fresh breeze, different from other leaders who only talk about caste and religion

23 April 2007 , Unnao "Political parties in Uttar Pradesh play politics of revenge, they are talking about taking revenge. But we are more concerned about development. I think only about how to develop and how to work for the welfare of the people," Rahu...

19th July 2010

Rahul Gandhi at a Press conference in Kanker (Chattisgarh)

Generally jo impression mujhe Orissa mein laga, ki jo tribal areas hain, kaafi cut-off hain, un tak government ke programs nahin pahunchte hain. Jaisa Orissa mein laga, waisa yahan laga. Mera impression hai- Orissa mein bhi yahi impression tha, yahan bhi...

19th July 2010

Sustainability in Urban planning.

By Anirban Banerjee Urban planning decisions are policy issues and therefore political issues. Rising energy consumption from transport and buildings can be avoided in new cities. In many existing cities, new infrastructure investments can lead to l...

19th July 2010

Govn. is trying to take even MORE of your money!

How hard is it for someone to find you? Maybe it was an old debt from a divorce, or an overlooked credit card bill from college, or, perhaps it was someone else pretending to be you, but somehow there you are, dealing with a hard nosed bill collector th...

18th July 2010

Sonia Gandhi as NAC chairperson; further consolidation of ‘aam admi’ base in governance

March 29 , 2010 For spearheading the Congress-led the UPA's political strategy for consolidating its ‘aam admi' base, the National Advisory Council (NAC) has been revived with Congress President Sonia Gandhi again as its chairperson, four years after s...

18th July 2010

Youth use social networking to wish Rahul Gandhi on Birthday

Rahul Gandhi might have celebrated his birthday on June the 19th , but a look at his fan clubs on popular social networking sites tell us that the craze just doesn't die. In a competition to wish Rahul in the best way possible Youngsters have used words ...

18th July 2010

Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s Closing Address at CM's Meeting, Srinagar 31-05-2003

31-05-2003 Friends: Yet another meeting of the Congress Chief Ministers Council has come and gone by. We have reviewed and reflected on our performance. We have renewed our commitment to the people through a reaffirmation of Congress Ka Haath, Garib K...

16th July 2010

Congress President Sonia Gandhi addressing at CPP General Body Meeting on 18/ 2/ 2003

18 February 2003 Fellow MPs and Colleagues: We go into the Budget session in the background of the extraordinarily tense situation in West Asia. This region is vital to our country not only because of our long historical, cultural and political links, n...

15th July 2010

Racism and discrimination against immigrants and minorities in the United States . Paul Chehade:.

(1888PressRelease) It is difficult to describe the sensation I felt when Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed SB1070. I felt an emotional maelstrom of disgust, despair and utter cynicism over Gov. Brewer's decision to implement the most draconian and most s...