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04th August 2010

Community based environment initiative by RGMVP

Thousand of homes across the Programme area still use non-renewable sources such as kerosene, coal or wood for lighting purposes. The harmful impacts of this on health are many -- breathing problems due to smoke and eye sight weakness due to dim light - a...

04th August 2010

RGMVP’s initiative in the field of education commendable

Education is a cause for concern in the RGMVP's Programme area. State-wide, according to the 2001 census, the literacy rate is 57.36 percent while the female literacy rate is 42.2 percent. These figures are far lower for rural areas in which RGMVP works. ...

04th August 2010

Innovative livelihood techniques being used at Rajiv Gandhi Mahila Vikas Pariyojna(RGMVP)

RGMVP's Livelihood Enhancement initiative is built on the Micro Credit Planning (MCP) process through which each rural household can plan its finances through a participatory method based on the following principles: 1. Income must increase 2. Expenditu...

04th August 2010

An exemplary example of Community based health care – RGMVP

RGMVP works in an area of Uttar Pradesh that has some of the lowest Human Development Indices in the country. There is lack of health education, prevalence of chronic diseases like tuberculosis, diarrhoea, etc, and reproductive health problems such as hig...

04th August 2010

Benito Mussolini - Early Life

Benito Mussolini entered the world in 1883. His mother was a dedicated teacher in the school system with strong Roman Catholic values. His father was an anarchist and a blacksmith by trade. He was, also, a member, with active status, of the Italian Soc...

03rd August 2010

Raebareli on the path to progress, thanking Gandhi family

Reabareli is witnessing all round development under the guidance of Congress President Sonia Gandhi. It is not limited to roads and educational institutes only. There are numerous projects running in this area, which are making huge impact on the lifestyl...

03rd August 2010

Raebareli thanks Sonia Gandhi for the development

In last five years, there had been historical change in the quality of road running through the area. The condition of roads in Uttar Pradesh is worst and it was same in Raebareli. However, due to the efforts of Congress President there has been reasonabl...

03rd August 2010

The Gandhi’s and the Raebareli : a continuity maintained by Sonia Gandhi

Though, Sonia Gandhi actively involved herself with public life after her husband Rajiv Gandhi became Congress General Secretary and contesed election from Amethi parliamentary segment in 1981. When bodygourds of Indira Gandhi opened fire at her, lead...

03rd August 2010

The Gandhi’s and the Raebareli : The era of Indira Gandhi

Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi : Indira Gandhi,the iron lady and the first ever female Prime Minister of India till date, was born in the hosue of Nehrus on November 19, 1917 in Allahabad.Her fatther Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru was one of the prominet leaders o...

03rd August 2010

The Gandhi’s and the Raebareli : The era of Feroze Gandhi

Feroze Gandhi was an Visionary politician and journalist. Feroze Gandhi was born in Mumbai on 12 August 1912 into a Parsi family. He was the son of Jehangir Gandhi and Ratimai. He moved to Allahabad early on and attended the City Anglo-Vernacular High S...

03rd August 2010

Sonia Gandhi development initiatives in Amethi

The Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust (RGCT) was established in 2002 to commemorate and take forward the vision of Rajiv Gandhi - India's former Prime Minister - for the country. The Trust, a registered, non-profit institution, was set up by his wife Mrs Soni...

03rd August 2010

Kerala is a state with many timeless traditions: Sonia Gandhi

August 8, 2009, Alleppey(Kerala) Congress President Sonia Gandhi was in Kerala to inaugurate 57th Nehru Trophy boat race ceremony. While addressing peope and numerous contenstants of the boat race in Alleppey(Kerala), she praised the composite culutre...

03rd August 2010

Indian President on Bali Visit

Indian President Pratibha Devisingh Patil arived in Bali on Friday, November 28, 2008, commencing what was to be an official 5 day state visit to Indonesia. The Indian President, clad in a traditional orange "sari" and leading a group of 60 were formally ...

22nd July 2010


VO To ensure Youth participation in the political system of the country, his government lowered the age of voting from 21 to 18. BYTE Rajiv Gandhi "Unemployment is the problem of most young people in India and so we have brought down the age of votin...

22nd July 2010


VO In this set up of Panchayti Raj, every strata of society got equal opportunities. Today every level of society is a participant in the process of progress. Today India has a strong standing in the field of Information Technology throughout the globe ...