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Politics Articles

02nd September 2010

Campaign Group urges support for President Jonathan

The chairman of Goodluck Jonathan Global Campaign Team (GJGCT), has made a clarion call to Nigerians to support the aspiration of the incumbent President Jonathan towards next year’s general elections. Mr. Peter Eledan, who is also the vice chairman o...

01st September 2010

All There Is To Know About Barak Obama

Barak Hussein Obama, popularly known Barak Obama, has become one of the most famous personalities of the modern world. His feat is quite remarkable. After all, he has become the 44th president of the United States, which is nothing less than legend. He ha...

01st September 2010

Political Debate - A Way For Different Opposing Team To Argue Their Standpoint

Just what is a political debate? It is a means for different opposing team to argue their viewpoint with the intention of transforming the listener or reader to their opinion. There are actually various types of debates depending on the event. You will h...

31st August 2010

Economic Amateur Hour In Washington, D.C.

A new round of bad economic news has been spewing forth this week, ranging from the poor housing market to the stagnant stock market to rising first time unemployment claims. After two years of very uneven and unpredictable economic performance, it makes ...

12th August 2010

Will a Republican Candidate that is Strong Enough to Win Emerge in time for the 2012 Presidential El

As citizens and pundits look forward to the 2012 Presidential election we can be certain of one thing--we will not experience the historic drama and significance witnessed in the 2008 election. Never before had a country held it collective breath in antic...

12th August 2010

The State of the Economy Will Determine the Outcome of 2012 Election

As we quickly approach the current Administration's mid-term, an increase in focus on likely scenarios for the 2012 election pick up steam. With less than half of his term complete, President Obama's team must already look ahead to 2012 and what it will t...

12th August 2010

2012 Election Will Depend on the State of the Economy

To many Americans it seems like only yesterday that they went to the ballot box to cast their vote in arguably the most historic presidential elections of all time. The current Administration's term is not even halfway over yet. Nevertheless, a great deal...

12th August 2010

The Evolution of the United Nations

Established in a postwar world reeling from the shock of the Second World War, the United Nations has played numerous roles in its short history. Initially, the UN was purely an international forum, a meeting place where dignitaries from around the world ...

12th August 2010

Turkey Facing the Challenges of Becoming a EU Member

With ongoing formal accession negotiations that would see Turkey become a permanent, fully-fledged member of the European Union and European Economic Council, political and economic communications between EU members and the Southeast European Republic wil...

10th August 2010

Liberal Vs Labor - 2010 Australian Federal Election Ramblings

The 2010 Australian Federal Election is going to be an interesting one. Both leaders are new to the lead post and although they have years of political experience under their belt, it could go either way. Gillard vs Abbott. Well, for the sake of the natio...

10th August 2010

Narcissism and Leadership

With the new administration in Washington, D.C., the issue of leadership styles has gotten a lot of attention. Barack Obama has been treated as a heroic figure, who lead an impeccable campaign. There are high expectations for his ideas of leadership in Wa...

05th August 2010

Rajiv Gandhi saksharta Pariyojna, a milestone in educating India

RGCT's intervention in this area is Rajiv Gandhi Saksharta Pariyojana which covers over 150,000 children under the largest non-government literacy programme currently run in any district of India. Rajiv Gandhi Saksharta Pariyojana The programme's visi...

05th August 2010

Healthcare initiatives under Rajiv Gandhi charitable trust (RGCT)

RGCT's healthcare interventions include the Indira Gandhi Eye Hospital & Research Centres, and the Rajiv Gandhi Arogya Yojna. Indira Gandhi Eye Hospital & Research Centres Inadequate development of human resources and infrastructure in UP has resulted i...

05th August 2010

Rajiv Gandhi Mahila Vikas Pariyojna(rgmvp)- commited to build the institutions of tomorrow

The first step in the building of institutions of the poor is the formation of the women's SHGs through the process of social mobilisation. RGMVP provides facilitation support and an enabling environment that ensures that every SHG gains access to microfi...

04th August 2010

Training Centres for Capacity Building under Rajiv Gandhi Mahila Vikas Pariyojna(rgmvp)

RGMVP runs five permanent training centres located at Jais, Jagatpur, Lalganj, Deeh- Raebareli and Munshiganj-Sultanpur. These centres impart skill-based training to poor women at nominal or no cost, so that they can find new livelihoods or enhance existi...